Heads up: This entry is going to remain public, but I'm not going to post any outside links to it for fear of wank from Sam!Girls. Yes, I am THAT pissed.

.Here, let me check the demon blood detox manual )

After watching this incredible episode, I felt like crawling into a fetal position, and just crying myself to sleep.

How is it possible for a television series to affect me so? Is it the amazing performances from the actors? My emotional attachment to it? What is it, exactly, that causes my heart to feel as if it's been crushed once an episode has concluded?

.I serve Heaven )

This is one episode that left me feeling - unsatisfied? Conflicted? Angry?

.being a hunter ISN'T a job )

That's all I've got to say on this episode. I was left feeling extremely angry, and I actually felt like crying, so yeah... I'm just going to stop there before I actually do start crying.

Oh, boys... I love both of you so very, very much.

The things you do to us, show. You've even gotten my mother into this mess known as SPN fandom. Can you believe that she got every single one of the jokes presented tonight? Do you have any idea how epic that alone is?

All right, on to the review:

.Thoughts located under HERE )

The sheer intensity of this episode almost killed me. It also took me quite a while before I was able to gather my thoughts on it...

Review Located Under The CUT. )

Damn. Just... damn. )

Kitsu's Final Grade: B
As per usual, personal thoughts are under the cut.

Meh... )

Kitsu's Final Grade: D

And that's all I've got to say about that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to grab a beer and watch some more Queer As Folk. Peace out, bbs.
Personal thoughts pertaining to this episode under the cut...

Will we make it through... )

Kripke & Company... I tip my hat to you guys. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and I now considered it to be one of my personal favorites from the current season.

Kitsu's Final Grade: A
And we finally return to the trademark creepiness of season one. Awesome.

People are crazy... )

Kitsu's Final Grade: B-

God, I can't wait until next week because I love anything pertaining to *********. ♥
Kripke... You truly are a magnificent bastard. I love you. And for those of you wondering why I am completely enamored with the Kripkeeper right now, check out my thoughts on tonight's episode by clicking the cut-link below.

He likes you... )

This episode was great, but it failed to meet the 'epic' scale.

Kitsu's Final Grade: B
As per usual, my thoughts are under the cut...

What were they thinking? )

Kitsu's Final Grade: C

As for next week: I'm holding out hope here, Kripke. You better deliver.
I finally got to see this film today after patiently waiting for my copy from Sweden. Personal thoughts are under the cut.

It's tourist season. Shoot them at will. )

There's really nothing much else for me to say other than I loved this movie. In fact, I loved it so damn much that I'm willing to double-dip for the American version of the film if it is ever released over here

Kitsu's Final Grade: A+

It took me a few minutes to gather my thoughts after this twisted, yet hilarious episode. Said thoughts are under the cut.

What's your book called? )

Fantastic episode, as par for the course where this series is concerned.

Kitsu's Final Grade: B

As for next week, all I'm going to say is: squeak.
Personal thoughts located under the cut.

Even I'm unsure... )

After everything is all said and done with, I have got to give this episode the following.

Kitsu's Final Grade: A
As per usual, personal thoughts are under the cut.

Aw. He's adorable. )

A pretty good episode. It was definitely better than, Metamorphosis, but it just cannot compete with the epic, Monster Movie.

Kitsu's Final Grade: B


Way to go, Jensen! XD
Personal thoughts on this episode which is destined to become a classic are under the cut.

Hey there, handsome. )

Not a bad episode, if I do say so myself. It was definitely one which you had to enjoy for what it was. There were no plot developments - just some of that distinct Winchester humor, along with the cheeziest villain the brothers have ever faced.

Kitsu's Final Grade: B+
Personal thoughts under the cut.

If I didn't know you... )

All in all, this episode was along the lines of 'Ok'. Nothing really special about it except for the moral question it posed. Hopefully, things will pick up next week.

Kitsu's Final Grade: C
I'm having a hard time forming coherent thoughts. Let's just say that Ashley does not approve of this episode.

You now have the hunger... )

Sorry, but this episode pissed me off something fierce. I did NOT like it at all. It's almost as if these people are just recycling a few ideas from season one, and slapping a fresh coat of paint on it. As for the 'fresh' ideas, they are at times ridiculous. Seriously, what happened to the series I fell in love with back in 2006?

Maybe things will pick up as the season progresses. One can only hope.

Kitsu's Final Grade: F for FAIL.
A short review of the episode, along with personal thoughts are under the cut.

If you can't stop him, we will. )

This was, with a doubt, one of the best episodes of Supernatural thus far. Kripke's now 3-for-3 for season four.

Kitsu's Final Grade: A+

Bring on next Thursday. I'm ready.
Right now all I can say is...


This episode was utterly fantastic. It continued the underlying epic storyline nicely, and it featured the dramatic return of a few beloved characters. And the preview for next week made me literally go: "Squee!" 

Kitsu's Final Grade: A

Kripke, you're currently two-for-two for season four. I want to have your babies... LOL.


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