The reason for this entry is just so that I'll be able to keep up with all of the people I want autographs from at this year's Dragon*Con:

.This year is going to be so fucking EPIC )
Well, how's everybody doing? Did you have a good weekend? Y/N? I'm doing a lot better, myself. I was pissed-off something terrible about an event that took place on livejournal, but a few members on my lovely flist ultimately helped to calm me down. Thanks so much for listening to my rant, guys. You all are truly something special, and I love every single one of you. ♥

Now then - what's going on with me? Well...

1. My Panthers took down Chicago. We're now 2-0!
2. I'm having fangirl fits over the new series, Merlin, which is supposed to premiere this coming Saturday. Anthony Head... Guh.
3. I finally got my custom frame - which means that I should be posting pictures shortly.
4. My brother cooked both my mother and I a wonderful dinner Saturday.
5. House premieres tomorrow. Squee!
6. Supernatural premieres Thursday! *flail*
7. I've recently realized that I want the next guy I date to be bisexual - and asian. LOL!
8. I want my own Chief Tyrol...
9. I'm madly in love with the series, The Shield. Such a superb, and morally complex drama.
0. I recently learned that a guy whom I ran into several times during D*C was Gerard Way - and I didn't even recognize him. DX

So, yeah... I'm in a pretty damn good mood. :)

And here comes part two. Hold on to your hats, kids. This is where we get down and dirty. Gareth, I'm looking at you. Still, keep in mind that there are no hard feelings, and I'm as big of fan of him as I was before I went to the convention - if not bigger.

Now, before we get started, there are a few things that I would like to say:

First of all, thanks so much to all of you who posted comments on my previous entry. It really meant a lot to me. I would also like to send out a special heart-felt thanks to those of you who tried to reassure me with the notion that I hadn't insulted Gareth. I really thought that I had, and it ate at me quite a bit. So, once again thanks for your input.

Secondly, this was my first convention, and despite a few mishaps, I had a blast.

I had wanted above all to keep my composure and act like a mature fan -- even if I was squeeing on the inside a few times. I also wanted to make sure that I observed proper etiquette while I was around these people. However, there were times where I slipped up, but I decided to not worry about it because there were a few stars who made mistakes themselves, ultimately proving that they're just as human as the rest of us.

Thirdly, forgive any typos that you may find. I’m currently re-reading this, and I’ll fix them as I find them.

And finally, I would like to dedicate this report to a few people on my flist:

Abby, Anna, Wiana, Lucy... You guys are the best. ♥

Alright, here we go!

Best Weekend EVAR! (the conclusion) )

That’s it guys. I hope you enjoyed my report. Also, if any of you are planning on going next year, let me know and we’ll see if we can do a meet-up.

Lots of love, and I'll see you guys later. ♥

I got my photo from Froggy today, and I've gotten half of the second part of my report done. So, it should be posted either later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for the patience, everyone. I'm also going to scan the picture from the dinner, and include it with the report. So, yeah... You're finally going to get to see what I look like, Abby. XP

Teaser from the report: Gareth's thigh brushing up against mine SEVERAL times under the table (no, I'm not kidding).

Lots of love, and I'll see you guys later. ♥

ETA: By the way, to those of you who may be watching either this entry or just my journal in general while waiting for the second part of my report, I just wanted to let you guys know that I FINALLY finished it. Unfortunately, it is now 2:24 AM, and I am exhausted (the damn thing's 12 pages long!). So, I won't be posting it until later on this afternoon.

Once again, thank you all for your patience, and I'll see you in a few hours.

Finally! Here's the first part of the report, guys. Part two should be posted tomorrow shortly.

Best Weekend EVAR! )

And that concludes Part One. Phew… I didn’t think I would ever get this thing finished. Next up is Part Two.  Highlights include: the Saturday Torchwood panel, James singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me, getting to pose with both James and Gareth for a picture, me insulting Gareth… again.
Keep an eye out, and I’ll see you guys later. ♥
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( Aug. 25th, 2008 09:23 pm)

Jack: I gotta go. I gotta find the Doctor.
Gwen and Ianto: [just simply look at Jack]
Jack: I'll come back.
Gwen and Ianto: [continues looking at Jack]
Jack: I'm coming back!
Gwen: Don't worry about us. Just go.
Ianto: We'll be fine.
Jack: You better be.

That's right, my beautiful flist. This journal is going to be on hiatus until September 2nd. No need to fret though. I'll still be posting replies and such until August 27th. After that, I'm off to Dragon*Con which is taking place down in Atlanta. I'll be sure to post a full report along with some glorious pictures once I return.

Farewell, everyone. I'll see you guys in a week~

Two weeks... Two weeks from today, I'll be in Atlanta -- waiting in line to receive my D*C badge. Squee! Of course, my mother will be in tow because, even though she'll never admit it, she's as big of a fangirl as I am -- especially when it comes to Edward James Olmos. Bless her.

My reasons for going:

Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones, Torchwood)
James Marsters (Spike, BtVS/AtS; Captain John Hart, Torchwood)
Jason Hawes (Ghost Hunters)
Grant Wilson (Ghost Hunters)
Steve Gonsalves (Ghost Hunters)
Dave Tango (Ghost Hunters)

I'm actually going to come face-to-face with my favorite teaboy~! Hee! I hope beyond all that he'll sign my Torchwood series 2 box set; hopefully, James, will do the same. I may get Anthony Lewis to sign it as well. It all just depends on my money situation... I'm currently saving up for the intimate dinner with both James and Gareth, and I want my photo-ops.

Two weeks... Just two more weeks...

Also, on an almost equally excitable note, I received my Angel: After the Fall #10 - ComicCon International Exclusive (hand-signed by Alex Garner). Mwahaha! So much fangirly-ness in one day -- it's almost too much to handle~! XD

ETA: Just found out that Nathan Fillion is going to be there as well. OMFG... O_O

ETA 2: And Alan Tudyk as well?! Gah! *flails*

My plans for Dragon*Con are complete. I've booked our hotel room, and the tickets were ordered today; they should arrive here at the house on Thursday. So, I guess that means it's official... I'm going to Dragon*Con! Whoo! 

In other news, I finally received my *extreme* limited edition Doctor Who/Torchwood stamp covers from London~! They're exclusives from ScifiCollector, and they're hand-signed by: Freema Agyeman, Eve Myles, and... John Barrowman! Squee! Eve's stamp cover is from the Torchwood episode "Everything Changes," John's is from the Doctor Who episode "Bad Wolf" (a personal favorite of mine), and Freema's is from the Doctor Who episode "Last of the Time Lords." I actually had one hell of a time obtaining Freema's. You see, I had ordered the special series 3 launch cover, but unfortunately, they sold-out very quickly. Thankfully though, I spoke to the webmaster via e-mail and he made it his mission to get a Freema signed cover for me. So, he offered me an alternate cover from LotTL, and as it turns out, it was even more limited than the other version I had originally ordered. 

Thanks so much R.J! Also, thanks for rapping Eddie's knuckles for me. xD 

I also received my ten!Doctor shirt which I plan on wearing at Dragon*Con. So, if you guys see a dark-haired girl wearing purple nail-polish, a black headband, jeans, and a DrWho shirt with David Tennant on it, that's me! Stop by and say hi or else I'll be offended. xP
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( Jul. 25th, 2008 04:03 pm)

First of all, thanks so much to those of you who've been posting vids and pictures from comic-con yesterday. The fangirl in me especially loved the Torchwood ones; particularly this pic which, ultimately, caused me to squee like a complete idiot:

Credit for the pic belongs to Anna Altheide.

Thanks so much, sweetie. You rock! Unfortunately, John didn't go through with the kiss... Argh, the tease!

And that picture wasn't all -- you guys should hear some of the nicknames this group has for each other's *ahem*. LOL. And then there was the Cliff, Shag, Marry question: So, John would marry Gareth because he's seen him naked? Ha! I wonder how many fangirls (and fanboys) died due to that reply. Plus there was some serious innuendo; I love Gareth's comment in particular which went a little something like this:

JB: There's a lot of John Barrowman in Captain Jack...
GDL: There's a lot of Ianto in there as well.

ROFLMFAO! God, I love these people. Srsly. I also loved Gareth's comment about shagging the leading man, and how it garners him a lot of attention. Hee! And the expression on his face when he said "Lisa!" killed me dead. xD

Hey, wait a minute... Does that mean Ianto's NOT the bottom? Oh, Lord, I can see the fanfics now...

*kitsu's mind begins to wander off into new and uncharted territory... and she likes what she sees*

LOL. Knowing Jack, he's probably willing to try anything. And by the way, pertaining to John's comment about Jack not really doing that much sexually, I've gotta agree with Gareth -- dude, episode 11! You know, the one that practically made the entire Janto fandom implode. I know... I was there on the TW LJ Community when the episode aired, and I must say that that was one hell of a night. Plus, there are quite a few other tid-bits throughout the series. Example: John Hart's comment about Jack no longer liking bondage in the episode Exit Wounds; Ianto replying to Martha's dabbling question with "Innovative. Bordering on the avant-garde." And, we all know that Jack and Ianto are going at it quite a bit, so I don't want to hear it.

Now then, back on to the subject of Gareth, I've FINALLY convinced my mother to come with me to Dragon*Con. After the past couple of years she and I've had, I figured that she could do with getting out of the house, and going on a trip with me; we desperately need it. I've also almost completed the planning for the convention, which was grueling because of all of the events. Thankfully though, I've narrowed it down to where we're just going to go to four tracks across three hotels. We're going on the Walk of Fame as well. I'm also planning to do some photo-ops; hopefully Gareth David-Lloyd, James Marsters, Grant Wilson, and Jason Hawes will be taking part. If not, I'd be happy just taking a picture with Adam Baldwin (*g*). I also want some autographs. I've already got James in my collection -- although I would be more than happy to collect another one -- but I still need Gareth, Grant, Jason, and Adam. Plus, Steve's going to be there, so I'm hoping to get his autograph as well. It's all just a matter of having enough time.

Another thing that makes this convention special is because of the fact that it's my first, and that it's during the weekend before my birthday. Squee! I'll be sure to post pictures of my con-goodies, along with pictures of the con itself, once I get back.



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