Two weeks... Two weeks from today, I'll be in Atlanta -- waiting in line to receive my D*C badge. Squee! Of course, my mother will be in tow because, even though she'll never admit it, she's as big of a fangirl as I am -- especially when it comes to Edward James Olmos. Bless her.

My reasons for going:

Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones, Torchwood)
James Marsters (Spike, BtVS/AtS; Captain John Hart, Torchwood)
Jason Hawes (Ghost Hunters)
Grant Wilson (Ghost Hunters)
Steve Gonsalves (Ghost Hunters)
Dave Tango (Ghost Hunters)

I'm actually going to come face-to-face with my favorite teaboy~! Hee! I hope beyond all that he'll sign my Torchwood series 2 box set; hopefully, James, will do the same. I may get Anthony Lewis to sign it as well. It all just depends on my money situation... I'm currently saving up for the intimate dinner with both James and Gareth, and I want my photo-ops.

Two weeks... Just two more weeks...

Also, on an almost equally excitable note, I received my Angel: After the Fall #10 - ComicCon International Exclusive (hand-signed by Alex Garner). Mwahaha! So much fangirly-ness in one day -- it's almost too much to handle~! XD

ETA: Just found out that Nathan Fillion is going to be there as well. OMFG... O_O

ETA 2: And Alan Tudyk as well?! Gah! *flails*

From: [identity profile]

OMG! You're gonna meet Ianto!!!!
This is great, I wish I had done this kind of thing when living in the UK. At the time I wasn't into fandoms yet, which is really a shame.
I hope you have a wonderful time, and that all the boys sign your Dvd box.
Lots of photos are expected, don't forget ;)

From: [identity profile]

Yep. I'm gonna meet him, and hopefully, have dinner with him, James, my mom and 58 other people. It's gonna be awesome! Or it will be if I can get the tickets... There's only 60 available, and they're going to be at James' table.

Ugh... That line is going to be insane. DX

My mom has also told me that she's going to hint at the fact that it's my birthday, and she's going to ask Gareth if he'll sing "Happy Birthday" to me. I doubt that he will, but who knows?

If he does, however, I will be hiding up under the table dying from embarrassment. DX

And, yeah, there's gonna be LOTS of photos. I just bought a 8 GB memory for the occasion, so hopefully, there will also be videos~! I mainly want to record the Saturday Torchwood panel because that's when James is going to be taking part.

From: [identity profile]

Oh, AND it's going to be your birthday! That's fantastic!
8GB of photos and videos, brilliant!

From: [identity profile]

Oh, AND it's going to be your birthday! That's fantastic!

Well, it's going to be 'around' my birthday. It's on the following Wednesday. :]

8GB of photos and videos, brilliant!

Even more than that. With my three memory cards, I can take well over 10,000 pictures! Not that I will, of course, but it's still nice to have that capability. XD



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