My plans for Dragon*Con are complete. I've booked our hotel room, and the tickets were ordered today; they should arrive here at the house on Thursday. So, I guess that means it's official... I'm going to Dragon*Con! Whoo! 

In other news, I finally received my *extreme* limited edition Doctor Who/Torchwood stamp covers from London~! They're exclusives from ScifiCollector, and they're hand-signed by: Freema Agyeman, Eve Myles, and... John Barrowman! Squee! Eve's stamp cover is from the Torchwood episode "Everything Changes," John's is from the Doctor Who episode "Bad Wolf" (a personal favorite of mine), and Freema's is from the Doctor Who episode "Last of the Time Lords." I actually had one hell of a time obtaining Freema's. You see, I had ordered the special series 3 launch cover, but unfortunately, they sold-out very quickly. Thankfully though, I spoke to the webmaster via e-mail and he made it his mission to get a Freema signed cover for me. So, he offered me an alternate cover from LotTL, and as it turns out, it was even more limited than the other version I had originally ordered. 

Thanks so much R.J! Also, thanks for rapping Eddie's knuckles for me. xD 

I also received my ten!Doctor shirt which I plan on wearing at Dragon*Con. So, if you guys see a dark-haired girl wearing purple nail-polish, a black headband, jeans, and a DrWho shirt with David Tennant on it, that's me! Stop by and say hi or else I'll be offended. xP


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