I didn't finally fall asleep until approx. 3:30 AM this morning, and I was back up at 5:00 to get my father up and ready for work. Needless to say that this lead to me feeling like crap for a good portion of the day. So you can only imagine what the following did to me when I found them on my doorstep:

Torchwood: Original Television Soundtrack
Torchwood: The Official Magazine - Yearbook

I already had the soundtrack downloaded via iTunes, but it's still lovely to have a hard copy for safety sake. I also love the picture of Jack on the inside of the booklet.

The main thing that caused me to have an embarrassing fangirl moment was the yearbook; I hadn't even realized it had even been shipped!

Lucy and I had a discussion about her picking up a copy of the yearbook for me when she goes to the Hub convention, and getting it signed by John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd and Naoko Mori. So I was going to cancel my pre-order, and put the cash on that. I guess I'm just going to have to deal with having two copies. Or I could just pass this off to a member of my flist...

Now then, time to discuss the book itself - the outer slipcover's nice, but I prefer it without. I don't like slipcovers on my books - I'm weird like that. There's also pretty pictures - lots and lots of oh so pretty pictures. I especially enjoyed the ones featuring John, Eve, Gareth and James. There's also profiles of the team, a complete episode guide to series two, along with five exclusive short stories (which I haven't read yet).

The shipper in me particularly liked the character profiles; mainly Jack, Gwen and Ianto. I especially enjoyed the following bits:

At Torchwood Jack has always been particularly close to Gwen and Ianto. While he and Gwen continue to dance around their feelings for each other, his romance with Ianto gathers heat - though sometimes the rest of the team would prefer they kept it behind locked doors...

Oh, please. Do you really think that Gwen and Tosh don't enjoy seeing those two locking lips? The 'rest of the team' they're referring to could only be Owen - and I think even he gets a chuckle out of it.


Gwen's world is once again turned upsidedown when Rhys discovers the real nature of her job (Meat). She refuses to give him Jack's amnesia pill, choosing instead to let Rhys remember what he has seen, bringing the couple closer than ever.

This was Gwen's finest moment in the entire series, in my humble opinion. I cheered her on when she stood up to Jack and took Rhys' side. I also felt like bitch-slapping Jack, but we're not gonna go there...


Name: Ianto Jones; Weaknesses: secrecy, stopwatches


Yeah, stopwatches are his weekness alright. That and immortal Time Agents. LMFAO! Oh, how I love you, Mr. Jones.


Initially Jack refused to give him a job, but after Ianto helped him fight a weevil and capture a pterodactyl, Jack was eventually persuaded that he was an essential member of the team (Fragments). Since then he has taken their relantionship to a whole new level...

If causing the brains of fangirls to explode qualifies as taking the relationship to a whole new level, then I agree completely. I mean, come on... Sex amongst the office foliage? Well, it wasn't really sex, but it was well on it's way. :P
Insomnia... It really is a killer. 

I just re-watched From Out of the Rain for the first time since it's initial showing on television. And, after having done so, I realize that I really do have a "love-hate" relationship with this episode.

Review, and a little bit of ranting under the cut.

All in all, I found this episode to be along the lines of "ok." It wasn't all that bad, but it wasn't all that great either. However, despite all of its short-comings, I still have to admit that it was pretty damned creepy and atmospheric. It was also Ianto-centric, which satisfied that horrible little fangirl who resides within me. I was also rather happy with the fact that Jack and Ianto got to work alone on a case. So, I guess if I were to put all rational thinking aside, I could grow to love this episode...

Kitsu's Final Grade: C
I was bored... And that's one thing that should be prevented at all costs because that's when my mind begins to wander off into weird, and often times, perverted territory. What have I come up with this time? A marathon list for DW/TW. Yeah, I know. That wasn't exactly what you were hoping for was it? Sorry, but no NC-17 Janto fics today. Maybe I'll add some to my journal later.

Hopefully, Gareth won't read any of it though... *shifty eyes*

Anyway, here's the rules for the marathon list: You must include episodes from all four series of the new Doctor Who, along with both series of Torchwood. The only drawback is that you can only choose a maximum of four episodes per series. You can, however, create marathons that contain therein themes of which are inspired by your favorite characters and/or writers. 

So, keeping that in mind, here's my marathon list which is devoted to my favorite characters: Captain Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, and the 10th Doctor. I also included episodes from my favorite writer, Steven Moffatt, because it's a proven fact he's made of awesome. 

Please remember to watch these in the order I've listed them. Oh, and yeah, this list contains MAJOR spoilers. Now then, on with the show:

Doctor Who (series 1-2)

The Empty Child (1x09) - Written by: Steven Moffatt 
We [the audience] are introduced to intergalactic conman, Captain Jack Harkness. He's suave, extremely good-looking, and he swings any way.

The Doctor Dances (1x10)
- Written by: Steven Moffatt
The conclusion; Jack becomes one of the Doctor's companions. Also, on a more comedic and slashable note, the Doctor reveals that he likes bananas. Hey, he said it... Not me.

Bad Wolf (1x12)

The first mention of Torchwood in the NuWho series; Jack improving viewing figures; Jack proving that he will indeed flirt with just about anything -- even robotic women who're planning to kill him.

Do you see now why we love him so damn much?

The Parting of the Ways (1x13)

The conclusion; the jack/nine smooch which was the first same-sex kiss in the entire whoverse; the death/resurrection/abandonment of Jack; Nine regenerates into Ten.

Tooth and Claw (2x02)
Torchwood is created by Queen Victoria in 1879. Oh, there's also a werewolf, bald monks, and high-flying martial arts... My fandom has everything.

The Girl in the Fireplace (2x04)
- Written by: Steven Moffatt
The Doctor falls in love... with Madame de Pompadour. No, I'm not kidding.

Army of Ghosts (2x12)

Torchwood One is introduced (where Ianto worked with his girlfriend, Lisa).

Doomsday (2x13)

The conclusion; the Doctor looses Rose to a parallel world; Torchwood One is destroyed.

Torchwood (series 1)

Everything Changes (1x01)
The audience is formally introduced to Torchwood Three -- lead by none other than, Captain Jack Harkness. We also learn that Ianto does indeed look damn good in a suit.

Cyberwoman (1x04)

Jack acts as if he's deeply betrayed when he learns of what Ianto's been hiding in the basement under the Hub. Also features the first Janto kiss... Who cares if Ianto was unconscious at the time? It still counts.

Captain Jack Harkness (1x12)
We learn of where Jack got his name; features a beautiful yet ultimately tragic love story. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for the "Vote Saxon" poster -- you'll understand why in the DW episodes which lie ahead.

End of Days (1x13)

Jack's immortality is put to the test; second Janto kiss (completely consensual this time around); Jack abandons his team without warning; ending leads directly into the DW episode Utopia, and features an off-screen cameo of the TARDIS.

Doctor Who (series 3)

Blink (3x10) - Written by: Steven Moffatt
One episode that's included in the list because of it's sheer awesomeness. The Doctor and Martha are lost in the year 1969, and must rely on a girl by the name of Sally Sparrow to help them. 

Utopia (3x11)

Captain Jack is, after waiting for over one hundred years, finally reunited with his beloved Doctor... So, what? I get a hug, but no jack/ten snog? Dammit... Oh, and yeah, the Master owns all. Fact.

The Sound of Drums (3x12)

Part II; The simm!Master has found his way to our century. His name: Harold Saxon. See? I told you to keep a look-out for them there posters now didn't I? Also, Jack acknowledges that he fancies the Doctor...

Wow, really? I had no idea...

Last of the Time Lords (3x13)

The conclusion; Martha saves the world because she's made of win; Jack leaves the Doctor to return to his team at Torchwood after realizing that is where he truly belongs; we learn that Jack is the Face of Boe... Wait, what? How does our pretty-but-flirty captain become a giant face in a jar? The hell?! And what's with this whole thing of him having many children? 

*looks over to ianto and raises an eyebrow*

I'm not even going there...

Torchwood (series 2)

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (2x01)
Jack returns; Captain John Hart is introduced; Jack tells Ianto that he "came back for him"; Jack shows interest in developing his and Ianto's relationship by asking him out on an actual true-to-life date -- all while being just a little bit flustered I might add. Such uber cuteness! 

Also, my fangirl brain barely survived the JB/JM snogfest...

Adam (2x05)

It's revealed that Jack has a long lost brother by the name of Gray; Jack's blind love for Ianto is displayed; Ianto confesses that Jack has given meaning to his life once again.

If that's not a declaration of love, then I don't know what is.

Fragments (2x12)

How everyone was recruited into the Torchwood Institute is revealed; shows that the attraction between Jack and Ianto has indeed always been there. Also, Janto catching Myfanwy is the utmost love.

Exit Wounds (2x13) - 
Captain John returns; Jack's reunited with his brother only to discover that he's become a vindictive psychopathic bastard; features the swan song of two beloved characters.

I swear, I can't watch this episode without crying...

Doctor Who (series 4)

Midnight (4x10)
Demonstrates exactly what happens when you put a group of people together, and the need for self-preservation takes over. Brilliant episode featuring a very limited amount of sets, and nothing but dialogue. 

Turn Left (4x11)

We glimpse into a world that doesn't have the Doctor, and it isn't pretty. I admit to tearing up when the Doctor dropped his sonic-screwdriver. That was such an amazingly powerful scene that struck me to my core.

The Stolen Earth (4x12) -
All of the companions gather together to search for their beloved Doctor when planet earth is stolen by none other than, Davros (also includes: Ianto and Gwen from TW, and Luke from SJA). Also, jealous!Ianto and whipped!Jack FTMFW. 

Do you hear me, RTD? I want more domestic Janto in my TW! And an actual sex scene would be nice... Although, I'll admit to being rather pleased with the scene given to us in the Torchwood episode Adrift.

Journey's End (4x13)

Loose ends are tied up (finally); Donna proves that she is indeed the GREATEST companion ever; Rose gets dumped with a ten!clone (ha!); features what is quite possibly the most heart-breaking ending I've ever seen...

Total Episode Count: 24 (damn, that was hard...)

Well, that's it. If you've got any questions or comments, don't hesitate to post them. And, yeah... In case you haven't figured it out by now, I can't stand Rose -- especially after the finale.

Yeah, I changed my journal layout to that of the delicious -- or so Jack tells me -- Ianto Jones

*stares and looses train of thought*

*shakes head*

Err... where was I? Oh, right... Credit for the layout has been given in my profile. Speaking of, I changed my profile layout as well; I also added two three many scrumptious Janto animations to my sidebar. 

*motions over to the left side of the screen*

Thanks to those, I can now only work on my journal when my father's out of the family room. Why? Because the ripe old bastard's homophobic... 

*rolls eyes* 

Don't get me started...

But, seriously, look at that. That there defines the word "hotness." Guh...


Now then, time for the meat of my post: Episode ratings for Doctor Who series 4, and Torchwood series 2.

Those of us here in the states just got the DrWho episode Journey's End this past Friday, and I gotta say -- WOW. Such a powerful, emotional, and bittersweet finale. I was literally left in tears. So, after watching it -- twice -- I was compelled to rate all of the episodes of the latest series of both DrWho and Torchwood; here they are:

Torchwood Series Two

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang - 9/10
Sleeper - 6/10
To The Last Man - 8/10
Meat - 7/10
Adam - 8/10
Reset - 8/10
Dead Man Walking - 9/10
A Day in the Death - 7/10
Something Borrowed - 5/10
From Out of the Rain - 6/10
Adrift - 9/10
Fragments - 10/10
Exit Wounds - 10/10


Doctor Who Series Four

Partners in Crime - 7/10
Fires of Pompeii - 6/10
Planet of the Ood - 7/10
The Sontaran Stratagem - 9/10
The Poison Sky - 9/10
The Doctor's Daughter - 6/10
The Unicorn and the Wasp - 7/10
Silence in the Library - 8/10
Forest of the Dead - 8/10
Midnight - 10/10
Turn Left - 9/10
The Stolen Earth - 10/10
Journey's End - 10/10

After rating all of the episodes between the two series, it's easy to see that this was one HELL of a year for both. I'm on pins-and-needles waiting for Torchwood series three. I'm anxiously awaiting the four Doctor Who specials we're supposed to get in 2009 along with this year's Christman Special as well. Also, I hope beyond all that David will stick around for series 5. However, if he does decide to leave, I'm still going to stick with the series. Who knows, maybe the next person to take on the role will be just as good as him. You never know, right?

Interview can be found here:


It's great to see the overwhelming support this series is receiving over here in the states. I'm also pleasantly surprised by how much my fellow TW fans are supporting the Jack/Ianto relationship. I became a big-time slasher/shipper back during the times of Angel and Farscape, and I've been shipping Jack and Ianto from episode one when Jack made the remark "And he looks good in a suit." 

To think that the couple would eventually become, not only canon, but the "heart" of the show? I never would've dreamed of it. Hell, I'm used to my slashed couples being just that -- slash.  So, to say that this interview made my day would be a gross understatement. That's also not including the fact that, in a previous interview, Julie said we would continue to see Jack and Ianto as a couple because she likes seeing them as such. In other words, the wonderful Julie Gardner is a Janto shipper as well.

Julie, can I just say that I love you?

This is also, I believe, the first time that JB has used the words "fallen for" in an interview when referring to Janto, which is ultimately going to put quite a few worries to rest: Yes, peeps... As I've been stating on quite a few forums for a while now, Jack does indeed love Ianto. I also believe this relationship is going to be a long-term thing in the show. And that, in itself, makes me very happy.

kitsu84: (tw - kiss you in shades of grey)
( Jul. 25th, 2008 04:03 pm)

First of all, thanks so much to those of you who've been posting vids and pictures from comic-con yesterday. The fangirl in me especially loved the Torchwood ones; particularly this pic which, ultimately, caused me to squee like a complete idiot:

Credit for the pic belongs to Anna Altheide.

Thanks so much, sweetie. You rock! Unfortunately, John didn't go through with the kiss... Argh, the tease!

And that picture wasn't all -- you guys should hear some of the nicknames this group has for each other's *ahem*. LOL. And then there was the Cliff, Shag, Marry question: So, John would marry Gareth because he's seen him naked? Ha! I wonder how many fangirls (and fanboys) died due to that reply. Plus there was some serious innuendo; I love Gareth's comment in particular which went a little something like this:

JB: There's a lot of John Barrowman in Captain Jack...
GDL: There's a lot of Ianto in there as well.

ROFLMFAO! God, I love these people. Srsly. I also loved Gareth's comment about shagging the leading man, and how it garners him a lot of attention. Hee! And the expression on his face when he said "Lisa!" killed me dead. xD

Hey, wait a minute... Does that mean Ianto's NOT the bottom? Oh, Lord, I can see the fanfics now...

*kitsu's mind begins to wander off into new and uncharted territory... and she likes what she sees*

LOL. Knowing Jack, he's probably willing to try anything. And by the way, pertaining to John's comment about Jack not really doing that much sexually, I've gotta agree with Gareth -- dude, episode 11! You know, the one that practically made the entire Janto fandom implode. I know... I was there on the TW LJ Community when the episode aired, and I must say that that was one hell of a night. Plus, there are quite a few other tid-bits throughout the series. Example: John Hart's comment about Jack no longer liking bondage in the episode Exit Wounds; Ianto replying to Martha's dabbling question with "Innovative. Bordering on the avant-garde." And, we all know that Jack and Ianto are going at it quite a bit, so I don't want to hear it.

Now then, back on to the subject of Gareth, I've FINALLY convinced my mother to come with me to Dragon*Con. After the past couple of years she and I've had, I figured that she could do with getting out of the house, and going on a trip with me; we desperately need it. I've also almost completed the planning for the convention, which was grueling because of all of the events. Thankfully though, I've narrowed it down to where we're just going to go to four tracks across three hotels. We're going on the Walk of Fame as well. I'm also planning to do some photo-ops; hopefully Gareth David-Lloyd, James Marsters, Grant Wilson, and Jason Hawes will be taking part. If not, I'd be happy just taking a picture with Adam Baldwin (*g*). I also want some autographs. I've already got James in my collection -- although I would be more than happy to collect another one -- but I still need Gareth, Grant, Jason, and Adam. Plus, Steve's going to be there, so I'm hoping to get his autograph as well. It's all just a matter of having enough time.

Another thing that makes this convention special is because of the fact that it's my first, and that it's during the weekend before my birthday. Squee! I'll be sure to post pictures of my con-goodies, along with pictures of the con itself, once I get back.



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