Sorry for the delay, everyone. Let's get on it, shall we?

Thursday -

My mother and I decided to leave the house at 10:30 PM on Thursday, and drive all night to Jersey. Unfortunately, the both of us were sick with a horrible cold, so we asked my father to do the driving. He complained at first, but he eventually gave in. I think my 'I will bring my wrath down upon you' stare had something to do with it.

So, we drove all night, stopping only to get coffee a few times. I was able to stay awake for the entire 11 hour drive. Personally, I think it was adrenaline. That or the coffee I got at Sheetz, which lite my ass up like a torch. No wonder they call it "serious coffee."

Friday -

We finally arrived in NJ long about 9 AM, and we soon discovered what has to have been the most horrific thing we have seen in our entire lives: A sign which reads "No Left Turn". Our hotel was roughly only 30 feet away, and it took us a freakin' hour to figure out how to get over to it. Needless to say that we were a little worse for wear when we checked in at 10.

It was at this point that my mother collapsed on the bed and slept. I, on the other, was still wired, so I just decided to freshen up, change clothes, and collect my things so that I would be ready to head over to the Crown Plaza when she got up.

We left the hotel at 11, and headed right over to the Crown Plaza - or at least we tried to. Yeah, that's right... We got lost again. I swear, I felt like going on a shooting spree, taking down every single one of those god forsaken signs. Thankfully, my father seems to have crow in him, so he eventually found his way over there after an hour of driving around aimlessly.

We then made our way inside, and got in line to be registered. The line was long, as was the wait. But, finally, I made my way into the theater, and it took every bit of the control I had to keep from shouting out "HELL YES. I'M FINALLY FUCKING HERE!"

I made my way over to the table containing photos of the celebrities, and I was practically falling all over myself when I saw the two pictures they had of Misha. I was even tempted to buy both of them, but my funds were limited, so I decided to just buy the one of him as Castiel. I also bought a photo featuring all of the guests, and my mother bought one of Jim Beaver for me.

I then made my way over to the vendor's table with the shirts, and I buy the new design featuring the crows from this season's title sequence. After that, I headed into the main theater, and took some glorious pictures:

Afterwards, I headed to my designated seat, and I sat down. After a while, and a music video, Chad Lindberg takes the stage. I immediately whipped out my camera and took some pictures, but unfortunately they didn't come out all that well...

Anyway, back on topic.

In a nutshell, Chad is a riot. He was asked several questions pertaining to Ash, and with each one he gave a hilarious answer such as: "Ash would save Sam and Dean with a crossbow." He also told us about the scene where he stood in the door, naked, and both Jensen and Jared couldn't stop laughing at him. There was also a point where a fan asked him about Ash having a "love interest," and somehow or another the subject of Dean came up. It was at this point that Chad made a joke about Dean running his fingers through Ash's hair while saying: "Sam wouldn't understand this." This, in turn, caused my brain to go directly into the gutter and there it stayed for the rest of the evening.

After Chad, Jason Manns took the stage for his Q&A. I've never been a huge fan of Jason, but I decided to stay and listen to what he had to say. He talked about Jensen, amongst other things. Sweet guy that Jason.

Finally, long about 7 PM, they started letting us collect our autographs. I was sitting in row Q, so I knew that I had quite the wait ahead of me. I pretty much just sat there, taking in the scenery when I saw a group of girls talking. It was at this point that I saw one of them do the trademark 'clasp clasp'. After that, I immediately knew who they were.

I headed over, and asked them if they were from [ profile] mishaland, and sure enough they were. That's right, people. It was [ profile] breakinporcelan, [ profile] gembat, [ profile] tahu, and [ profile] callie_828. \o/

We talked for quite some time, and after a while, the girls headed off to dinner, and I headed back to my seat only to discover that we still had a couple rows ahead of us for Chad's autograph. At this point I said 'fuck it', and headed over to get in line for Jason who was signing on a complimentary basis. I make my way up, hand him my photo while asking him to make it out 'Ashley'. He says sure, and signs it for me. Then, FINALLY, they call row Q. Thank GOD.

I get in line for Chad, slowly making my way up to his table. When I finally do make it up there, I say 'hi', and I tell him that I literally cried when the roadhouse was burned down. He seemed touched by the sentiment, saying: "That means a lot to me. Really, thanks so much." He then makes a remark about Ash possibly not being dead, and that's when I say something about Kripke doing a special zombie arc, and bringing Ash back. I then say the following, which still makes me laugh even now:

Me: Or Castiel could rise (insert hand motion) Ash from perdition.
Chad: *signing autograph* Um, yeah. (in slightly confused tone)
Girl Beside Me: Yeah, and Castiel could bring him back as a virgin. :D
Me: Oh, yeah! He could re-hyminate him! :D
Chad: O_O *hands me my autograph*

And thus that concludes part one. So, do you guys think we scared Chad off? By the way, part two containing the events of both Saturday and Sunday (Misha!day) shall be posted shortly. Possibly even as soon as tonight.
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