Interview can be found HERE. (no major spoilers)

-If you were Dean, how would you feel about Castiel?
Oh God. Not this tight-ass again.

I'll admit it: His reply literally made me gigglesnort. I guess that means it's official, people... Misha has indeed been reading our porn. He also totes supports Dastiel. LMFAO.

Then there's this:

-I read that you are all caught up on every episode of Supernatural. Besides the episodes you’ve starred in, can you name a few that are stand out episodes for you?
I think my favorite episode so far was “GhostFacers.” That was just so bizarre and so well executed and risky and funny.

Misha, I hereby declare my undying love for you. Wait... I've already done that haven't I?

And, finally:

-I see that you are attending some conventions in the near future for Supernatural! Are you excited / nervous / scared about it? Have you asked Jared and Jensen how to handle them?
I am more curious than anything. I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m always game for something new. Actually, just last night I asked Jensen about it on set. Suffice to say he didn’t scare me away. I think they sound fun.

Not to worry Misha, my dear... Heather, Tracy and I are going to take real good care of you at Jerseycon. So, have no fear. *wink*


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