After a year of being MIA, this layabout has finally made her way back to LJ... And she finds that it's time for a few changes.

First of all, this journal is no longer of the "friends only" variety. I found that to be somewhat pretentious of me for some reason, so I decided to unlock my journal so that everyone is free to come in and comment as they please; all I ask is for you to behave yourself, and at least try to act mature. And yes, fangirl-y squee is also welcome-- just don't go overboard. Friending is also always welcome, just please let me know so that I may friend you back. 

Second: the main uses for this journal are going to be for posting pictures of my ever growing collection of collectible merchandise. This, of course, will include: DVDs, autographs, manga/comics/graphic novels, posters/wallscrolls, figures, etc. Collecting various items from my favorite television series has become my main ever-consuming hobby, and I would very much like to share my collection with other people. Hopefully, I'll come across others who share this passion as well. 

The first pictures of my collection shall be posted shortly; I'm still waiting for a few DVDs to come in the mail, along with a few exclusive autographed stamp-covers from Doctor Who that I just ordered. Hopefully, the pictures will be up by the end of the month. 

Third: I'm going to also use this journal to document some huge upcoming trips that I'm currently planning. The first may very well be to Williamsburg, VA-- namely Jamestown (although I may also swing by Busch Gardens for the hell of it). After that, I'm going to see the Dead Sea Scrolls in Raleigh, and in March I'm going on an exclusive ghost-hunting trip to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium (as featured in Ghost Hunters).

Fourth, and finally: I may very well be posting reviews for episodes from my favorite television series here; the first is expected to be for Doctor Who - Stolen Earth (4x12).

Well, that's pretty much it. So, in closing, it's great to finally be back on LJ. Now, to quote my second favorite vampire, let's get to work.
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