As it turns out, David Tennant plans to leave the series after the four specials. He believes that now is the best time to leave, and I tend to have to agree with him. But still, this is heart-breaking news.

I need a hug...

And here comes part two. Hold on to your hats, kids. This is where we get down and dirty. Gareth, I'm looking at you. Still, keep in mind that there are no hard feelings, and I'm as big of fan of him as I was before I went to the convention - if not bigger.

Now, before we get started, there are a few things that I would like to say:

First of all, thanks so much to all of you who posted comments on my previous entry. It really meant a lot to me. I would also like to send out a special heart-felt thanks to those of you who tried to reassure me with the notion that I hadn't insulted Gareth. I really thought that I had, and it ate at me quite a bit. So, once again thanks for your input.

Secondly, this was my first convention, and despite a few mishaps, I had a blast.

I had wanted above all to keep my composure and act like a mature fan -- even if I was squeeing on the inside a few times. I also wanted to make sure that I observed proper etiquette while I was around these people. However, there were times where I slipped up, but I decided to not worry about it because there were a few stars who made mistakes themselves, ultimately proving that they're just as human as the rest of us.

Thirdly, forgive any typos that you may find. I’m currently re-reading this, and I’ll fix them as I find them.

And finally, I would like to dedicate this report to a few people on my flist:

Abby, Anna, Wiana, Lucy... You guys are the best. ♥

Alright, here we go!

Best Weekend EVAR! (the conclusion) )

That’s it guys. I hope you enjoyed my report. Also, if any of you are planning on going next year, let me know and we’ll see if we can do a meet-up.

Lots of love, and I'll see you guys later. ♥

Finally! Here's the first part of the report, guys. Part two should be posted tomorrow shortly.

Best Weekend EVAR! )

And that concludes Part One. Phew… I didn’t think I would ever get this thing finished. Next up is Part Two.  Highlights include: the Saturday Torchwood panel, James singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me, getting to pose with both James and Gareth for a picture, me insulting Gareth… again.
Keep an eye out, and I’ll see you guys later. ♥

Yet another reason why I adore David Tennant; check out his reaction when he learns of "Who Porn." The expression on his face is priceless.

Oh, David, you can be so naive when it comes to the Whovian fanbase. Don't you realize that we're a bunch of gutter-minded fools who want nothing more than to see you shagging your companions?

LOL. I'm only kidding, of course. Still, you're uber adorable, and we love you. ♥

Disclaimer: This video was not created by me~
As I'm sure a lot of you already know, the Doctor Who Proms took place a couple weeks ago. Well, I finally got around to watching the mini-episode Music of the Spheres, and I must say that it was bloody fantastic. David still retained the Doctor's ever cheeky attitude -- which shined when he took charge of the orchestra telling the conductor to stand down. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Also, this line spoken by the Doctor made me chuckle quite a bit: 

"I said to beethoven, I said 'I can rattle off a tune.' He said 'Pardon?'"

LOL. Though this mini-ep was only 7 and a half minutes long, it should serve to be just enough to tie us over until Christmas. Can't wait for the return of the Cybermen! :D

I was shocked the other day... I was hit with a question that I, believe it or not, didn't have an answer for -- my mother looked at me and said: "What are your top five favorite episodes of Torchwood?"

I just stood there... speechless. I couldn't believe that I hadn't already comprised a list of my favorite episodes from my beloved series; it's something I usually always do once they wrap up a second season. I've done it with: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Farscape, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, CSI: Vegas, etc. And, yet, I haven't done it with Torchwood?

Well, since being asked that question, I've worked on comprising the list of my top five all-time favorite Torchwood episodes thus far, and here it is:

1. Dead Man Walking (series 2; episode 7) -

This is easily my #1 favorite episode out of the 26 we've been graced with. I loved how Owen and Jack's relationship was displayed in this episode: that of a father and son. How Jack was unable to let go of Owen despite the fact that he knew exactly what the glove was capable of struck a chord in me, and I found myself somewhat envious of Owen (weird, but true). And then there was that wonderful jail scene which made me chuckle at first, but then a warm smile flashed across my face when Jack playfully pushed Owen's head; it was at that precise moment that you knew exactly how much Owen meant to Jack. Great scene, great dialogue, and just an all-around fantastic episode that I could watch repeatedly. 

2. To The Last Man (series 2; episode 3) -

For me, this is the most romantic episode of Torchwood; an episode that makes your heart ache for Toshiko... and for Tommy. A love that could never be, and yet they accepted it. They took advantage of what little time they had together, and made the most of it. Beautiful. And the scene with her just simply walking off at the end of the episode was powerful. Such a simple scene with enough potency to hit you to your core.

And, of course, there was the scene between Jack and Ianto, which caused me to melt. Such a wonderful scene with Jack pretty much declaring that he loved Ianto -- in a "beat around the bush" sort of way. That was so very Jack. And then there was the kiss that Ianto initiated. So romantic. And the color scheme of that said scene only added to it's sheer beauty. Loved it.

3. Fragments (series 2; episode 12) -

It was great to finally learn of how the entire team were recruited into Torchwood; from campy victorian!Jack pinning after his Doctor, to Tosh trying to save her mother only to be locked up in a UNIT facility, to stalker!Ianto and the catching of Myfanwy, to Owen and his tragic past with the death of the woman he loved. So much was finally explained.

4. End of Days (series 1; episode 13) -

Yes, I actually preferred this finale to Exit Wounds. The group dynamic in this episode is fantastic, and it poses the question: How far would you go in order to bring back someone you dearly loved? Would you risk destroying the world?

This episode also demonstrated how much Jack's team meant to him; he stood up against a monster in true "David and Goliath" fashion, and he vanquished it -- almost destroying himself in the process.

5. Captain Jack Harkness (series 1; episode 12) -

The second most romantic episode in the Torchwood universe, in my humble opinion. Jack and Toshiko are lost through a timeshift to 1940's Cardiff. There, they meet the real Captain Jack Harkness -- the man whom Jack stole his identity from. Through the course of this episode, the two captains become close, and ultimately fall in love with one another.

Loved the music, along with John Barrowman's performance. Granted, he is not the greatest actor in the world, but he was fantastic in this episode. And the kiss between him and the real captain Jack actually caused me to blush. 

Also, I loved the clash between Ianto and Owen over opening the Rift in order to save Jack and Toshiko; it really demonstrated Ianto's loyalty to Jack.
I was bored... And that's one thing that should be prevented at all costs because that's when my mind begins to wander off into weird, and often times, perverted territory. What have I come up with this time? A marathon list for DW/TW. Yeah, I know. That wasn't exactly what you were hoping for was it? Sorry, but no NC-17 Janto fics today. Maybe I'll add some to my journal later.

Hopefully, Gareth won't read any of it though... *shifty eyes*

Anyway, here's the rules for the marathon list: You must include episodes from all four series of the new Doctor Who, along with both series of Torchwood. The only drawback is that you can only choose a maximum of four episodes per series. You can, however, create marathons that contain therein themes of which are inspired by your favorite characters and/or writers. 

So, keeping that in mind, here's my marathon list which is devoted to my favorite characters: Captain Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, and the 10th Doctor. I also included episodes from my favorite writer, Steven Moffatt, because it's a proven fact he's made of awesome. 

Please remember to watch these in the order I've listed them. Oh, and yeah, this list contains MAJOR spoilers. Now then, on with the show:

Doctor Who (series 1-2)

The Empty Child (1x09) - Written by: Steven Moffatt 
We [the audience] are introduced to intergalactic conman, Captain Jack Harkness. He's suave, extremely good-looking, and he swings any way.

The Doctor Dances (1x10)
- Written by: Steven Moffatt
The conclusion; Jack becomes one of the Doctor's companions. Also, on a more comedic and slashable note, the Doctor reveals that he likes bananas. Hey, he said it... Not me.

Bad Wolf (1x12)

The first mention of Torchwood in the NuWho series; Jack improving viewing figures; Jack proving that he will indeed flirt with just about anything -- even robotic women who're planning to kill him.

Do you see now why we love him so damn much?

The Parting of the Ways (1x13)

The conclusion; the jack/nine smooch which was the first same-sex kiss in the entire whoverse; the death/resurrection/abandonment of Jack; Nine regenerates into Ten.

Tooth and Claw (2x02)
Torchwood is created by Queen Victoria in 1879. Oh, there's also a werewolf, bald monks, and high-flying martial arts... My fandom has everything.

The Girl in the Fireplace (2x04)
- Written by: Steven Moffatt
The Doctor falls in love... with Madame de Pompadour. No, I'm not kidding.

Army of Ghosts (2x12)

Torchwood One is introduced (where Ianto worked with his girlfriend, Lisa).

Doomsday (2x13)

The conclusion; the Doctor looses Rose to a parallel world; Torchwood One is destroyed.

Torchwood (series 1)

Everything Changes (1x01)
The audience is formally introduced to Torchwood Three -- lead by none other than, Captain Jack Harkness. We also learn that Ianto does indeed look damn good in a suit.

Cyberwoman (1x04)

Jack acts as if he's deeply betrayed when he learns of what Ianto's been hiding in the basement under the Hub. Also features the first Janto kiss... Who cares if Ianto was unconscious at the time? It still counts.

Captain Jack Harkness (1x12)
We learn of where Jack got his name; features a beautiful yet ultimately tragic love story. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for the "Vote Saxon" poster -- you'll understand why in the DW episodes which lie ahead.

End of Days (1x13)

Jack's immortality is put to the test; second Janto kiss (completely consensual this time around); Jack abandons his team without warning; ending leads directly into the DW episode Utopia, and features an off-screen cameo of the TARDIS.

Doctor Who (series 3)

Blink (3x10) - Written by: Steven Moffatt
One episode that's included in the list because of it's sheer awesomeness. The Doctor and Martha are lost in the year 1969, and must rely on a girl by the name of Sally Sparrow to help them. 

Utopia (3x11)

Captain Jack is, after waiting for over one hundred years, finally reunited with his beloved Doctor... So, what? I get a hug, but no jack/ten snog? Dammit... Oh, and yeah, the Master owns all. Fact.

The Sound of Drums (3x12)

Part II; The simm!Master has found his way to our century. His name: Harold Saxon. See? I told you to keep a look-out for them there posters now didn't I? Also, Jack acknowledges that he fancies the Doctor...

Wow, really? I had no idea...

Last of the Time Lords (3x13)

The conclusion; Martha saves the world because she's made of win; Jack leaves the Doctor to return to his team at Torchwood after realizing that is where he truly belongs; we learn that Jack is the Face of Boe... Wait, what? How does our pretty-but-flirty captain become a giant face in a jar? The hell?! And what's with this whole thing of him having many children? 

*looks over to ianto and raises an eyebrow*

I'm not even going there...

Torchwood (series 2)

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (2x01)
Jack returns; Captain John Hart is introduced; Jack tells Ianto that he "came back for him"; Jack shows interest in developing his and Ianto's relationship by asking him out on an actual true-to-life date -- all while being just a little bit flustered I might add. Such uber cuteness! 

Also, my fangirl brain barely survived the JB/JM snogfest...

Adam (2x05)

It's revealed that Jack has a long lost brother by the name of Gray; Jack's blind love for Ianto is displayed; Ianto confesses that Jack has given meaning to his life once again.

If that's not a declaration of love, then I don't know what is.

Fragments (2x12)

How everyone was recruited into the Torchwood Institute is revealed; shows that the attraction between Jack and Ianto has indeed always been there. Also, Janto catching Myfanwy is the utmost love.

Exit Wounds (2x13) - 
Captain John returns; Jack's reunited with his brother only to discover that he's become a vindictive psychopathic bastard; features the swan song of two beloved characters.

I swear, I can't watch this episode without crying...

Doctor Who (series 4)

Midnight (4x10)
Demonstrates exactly what happens when you put a group of people together, and the need for self-preservation takes over. Brilliant episode featuring a very limited amount of sets, and nothing but dialogue. 

Turn Left (4x11)

We glimpse into a world that doesn't have the Doctor, and it isn't pretty. I admit to tearing up when the Doctor dropped his sonic-screwdriver. That was such an amazingly powerful scene that struck me to my core.

The Stolen Earth (4x12) -
All of the companions gather together to search for their beloved Doctor when planet earth is stolen by none other than, Davros (also includes: Ianto and Gwen from TW, and Luke from SJA). Also, jealous!Ianto and whipped!Jack FTMFW. 

Do you hear me, RTD? I want more domestic Janto in my TW! And an actual sex scene would be nice... Although, I'll admit to being rather pleased with the scene given to us in the Torchwood episode Adrift.

Journey's End (4x13)

Loose ends are tied up (finally); Donna proves that she is indeed the GREATEST companion ever; Rose gets dumped with a ten!clone (ha!); features what is quite possibly the most heart-breaking ending I've ever seen...

Total Episode Count: 24 (damn, that was hard...)

Well, that's it. If you've got any questions or comments, don't hesitate to post them. And, yeah... In case you haven't figured it out by now, I can't stand Rose -- especially after the finale.

Yeah, I changed my journal layout to that of the delicious -- or so Jack tells me -- Ianto Jones

*stares and looses train of thought*

*shakes head*

Err... where was I? Oh, right... Credit for the layout has been given in my profile. Speaking of, I changed my profile layout as well; I also added two three many scrumptious Janto animations to my sidebar. 

*motions over to the left side of the screen*

Thanks to those, I can now only work on my journal when my father's out of the family room. Why? Because the ripe old bastard's homophobic... 

*rolls eyes* 

Don't get me started...

But, seriously, look at that. That there defines the word "hotness." Guh...


Now then, time for the meat of my post: Episode ratings for Doctor Who series 4, and Torchwood series 2.

Those of us here in the states just got the DrWho episode Journey's End this past Friday, and I gotta say -- WOW. Such a powerful, emotional, and bittersweet finale. I was literally left in tears. So, after watching it -- twice -- I was compelled to rate all of the episodes of the latest series of both DrWho and Torchwood; here they are:

Torchwood Series Two

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang - 9/10
Sleeper - 6/10
To The Last Man - 8/10
Meat - 7/10
Adam - 8/10
Reset - 8/10
Dead Man Walking - 9/10
A Day in the Death - 7/10
Something Borrowed - 5/10
From Out of the Rain - 6/10
Adrift - 9/10
Fragments - 10/10
Exit Wounds - 10/10


Doctor Who Series Four

Partners in Crime - 7/10
Fires of Pompeii - 6/10
Planet of the Ood - 7/10
The Sontaran Stratagem - 9/10
The Poison Sky - 9/10
The Doctor's Daughter - 6/10
The Unicorn and the Wasp - 7/10
Silence in the Library - 8/10
Forest of the Dead - 8/10
Midnight - 10/10
Turn Left - 9/10
The Stolen Earth - 10/10
Journey's End - 10/10

After rating all of the episodes between the two series, it's easy to see that this was one HELL of a year for both. I'm on pins-and-needles waiting for Torchwood series three. I'm anxiously awaiting the four Doctor Who specials we're supposed to get in 2009 along with this year's Christman Special as well. Also, I hope beyond all that David will stick around for series 5. However, if he does decide to leave, I'm still going to stick with the series. Who knows, maybe the next person to take on the role will be just as good as him. You never know, right?

Review for The Stolen Earth under the cut.

All in all, this episode was basically 100 percent pure fanservice. And, being as big of a fan as I am of this series, I must admit that I'm quite satisfied.

Kitsu's Final Score: A 


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