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( Aug. 7th, 2008 01:35 pm)
Despite saving up just about all of my cash for Dragon*Con, I decided to check out the iTunes store and see if I should buy NIN's new CD, or if I should just download it onto my iPod. So, I go browsing the store, and what do I find?

That's right -- the Torchwood soundtrack is already available for download here in the states. Needless to say that I was shocked beyond measure because I had already pre-ordered mine from AmazonUK, fully expecting to not lay my hands on it until the end of September. To think that those of us here in states would get anything TW related first?

*bounces around gleefully*

Well, after the initial shock wore off, I immediately payed my $10 -- which, I may add, is a steal for an album containing 32 songs -- and downloaded it. My thoughts on the songs contained on the CD? Can I just say... guh? This soundtrack contains every single song from the series that I dearly love, including:

 Everything Changes (a trademark torchwood theme)
The Chase (this theme always get me fired up and ready to go)
Jack's Love Theme (*a warm smile slowly appears on kitsu's face*)
The Death of Dr. Owen Harper (*the smile fades, and kitsu begins to cry*)
Owen Fights Death (my utmost favorite theme from the entire series -- so powerful)
Owen's Theme (yet another powerful score...)
Captain Jack's Theme (*a dopey grin flashes across kitsu's face*)
Death of Toshiko (*wibbles and sobs*)
Torchwood Theme (I honestly don't think I need to say anything about this one)

I'm sorry -- I do indeed love my Doctor Who OSTs -- but they pale in comparison to this. Just listening to this soundtrack makes me giddy, and I want to run off and watch my series two box set. :D

God, I love my show...


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