I posed a question in the Dean/Castiel Friending Meme: Why do you love Dean/Castiel?

Well, thanks to that question, [livejournal.com profile] tracy_loo_who wrote an exquisite meta explaining exactly why it is that she loves this pairing. In fact, I was moved to tears when I read it along with all of the wonderful comments. I had no idea how strong of a love this fandom had for these two, and while talking with Tracy, she convinced me to write my own meta explaining why it is that I love them so.

So, here it is... The reasons why I love Dean/Castiel with every fiber of my being.

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( Sep. 20th, 2008 11:28 pm)
Spent a bit of time today going around to other journals, catching up on what people thought of the enigma that is: Castiel. And what do I find? Well, every single one I went to had the owner going: I googled the name 'Castiel', and all I could find was that he's the Angel of Thursday. Argh!

So, I figured that it was about time I posted my own theory on the character, and what I think his purpose in the series really is. First off, let's take a look at some of the earlier episodes of Supernatural which featured religious themes, shall we?

Faith - A man who can heal those close to death. Sounds like a miracle, right? Wrong. As it turns out, what was healing these poor souls was actually a grim reaper. He would heal the person, and then steal the life of another. Basically, Dean was allowed to live-on at the cost of someone else's life. This would, of course, lead someone to think: What if there really isn't a higher power, and we are in fact alone - left to face these horrors on our own. Comforting thought, isn't it?

Houses of the Holy - This was the episode that really got my attention because, even though the Angel was in fact a dead priest who had not yet moved on, there was still the event that took place with Dean and the guy who was impaled. One seriously has to wonder: What were the odds of that? Now some could indeed say that it was coincidence, but for the sake of the mythology of the show, I disagree. I believe that a higher power did intervene, and caused this man to be killed.

Sin City - Ah, the first mention of Lucifer. I was wondering when that name would turn up. Now, if they're bringing Lucifer into the mix, it would only make sense that God would be brought into play as well. God and Lucifer are the ultimate contrast; the black and white. The good and evil. 

Now after taking this into consideration, along with everything else that has been featured in the series thus far, I've come to this conclusion where Castiel is concerned: 

1. Castiel is NOT a demon. That much was proven with his entrance into the shack which was covered in talismans. If he was a demon, those said talismans would've stopped him dead in his tracks. But instead, he walked right in - acting as if he didn't even see them. That's also not including the fact that he was immune to the effects of the 'Demon Slaying' knife.

He also could've killed Bobby if he wanted too - but he didn't. He was gentle with Bobby, ultimately just putting him to sleep. Do you honestly think a demon would've done something like that?

Another thing that lead me to this conclusion was his true form burning out the eyes of those who look upon it, and his booming voice. If you read any type of lore pertaining to Angels, you'll come across this.

2. Yes, he is indeed possessing an innocent. But the said innocent is a willing vessel. The element of sacrifice has always been respected in the Bible, and if you'll remember, Castiel said something to the effect of the person even prayed for it.

3. I believe that Castiel is merely a foot-soldier. In other words, Castiel is probably a light-weight, and the big guns haven't revealed themselves as yet. It is only the first episode, afterall. The fact that he's the 'Angel of Thursday' only adds to this.

Also, I find it ironic that Dean was resurrected on a Thursday.

4. Castiel's purpose is to be Dean's guide. On this road that Dean's life seems to going down, Castiel is going to be there by his side for the entire duration. Which of course means that we may see the brothers' relationship start to fracture. However I hope beyond all that isn't the case... Although it would make for one hell of an epic storyline. It would send every single one of us on an emotional roller-coaster ride.

5. His wings were not black. Lightning struck at the time he revealed them to Dean thus giving the illusion they were black when in actuality they were just shadows. Also, the fact that Castiel is currently inhabiting a human vessel more than likely means that he is unable to use his full strength because the vessel just simply cannot handle it.

In conclusion, I honestly don't think that Castiel is evil. He's been sent on a mission by the man upstairs himself, and he will do whatever it takes to complete that mission. However this is just my opinion. There's a distinct possibility that I'm wrong in a few areas. I guess we'll find out as the season progresses.


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