*le gasp*

I changed my header; it now features the luscious Jensen Ackles from the hit television series, Supernatural. And before you ask, yes... Hell just froze over. And that pretty boy at the top of the page is responsible for it. Well... actually Castiel is the one responsible, with Dean playing his part in the whole deal.

Credit for the header has been added to my profile.

ETA: Correction... The header now features both of the Winchesters. I just couldn't leave out Sammy. LOL.

ETA 2: I finally found a Castiel header to go with my layout. Fuck yeah! Major thanks going out to [livejournal.com profile] madeira  for this; she resized the header for me so that I was able to use it on my journal.

In other news, I finally got tired of waiting for AmazonUK to put up their exclusive version of the fourth series of Doctor Who to pre-order. So I ordered the HMV version instead. Not really much of an improvement cover-art wise, but meh... It's an exclusive. That keeps the obsessive little Whovian collector within me happy. LOL.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you a fanservice moment; compliments of one Mr. Dean Winchester.

Try not to drool too much, ladies. )

Mr. Kripke, sir, you have made me one happy fangirl - and that was just with the first episode. I honestly don't know if my fangirl brain is going to be able to handle the rest of this season - especially with two hotties who register as 'badass!demon-hunter' and 'badass!cosmic-angel' pairing up. In fact, there's a distinct possibility that I may use up all of my tiem lord regenerations before we even hit December.

I'm counting on you, flist, to keep me alive and coherent.

Yeah, I changed my journal layout to that of the delicious -- or so Jack tells me -- Ianto Jones

*stares and looses train of thought*

*shakes head*

Err... where was I? Oh, right... Credit for the layout has been given in my profile. Speaking of, I changed my profile layout as well; I also added two three many scrumptious Janto animations to my sidebar. 

*motions over to the left side of the screen*

Thanks to those, I can now only work on my journal when my father's out of the family room. Why? Because the ripe old bastard's homophobic... 

*rolls eyes* 

Don't get me started...

But, seriously, look at that. That there defines the word "hotness." Guh...


Now then, time for the meat of my post: Episode ratings for Doctor Who series 4, and Torchwood series 2.

Those of us here in the states just got the DrWho episode Journey's End this past Friday, and I gotta say -- WOW. Such a powerful, emotional, and bittersweet finale. I was literally left in tears. So, after watching it -- twice -- I was compelled to rate all of the episodes of the latest series of both DrWho and Torchwood; here they are:

Torchwood Series Two

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang - 9/10
Sleeper - 6/10
To The Last Man - 8/10
Meat - 7/10
Adam - 8/10
Reset - 8/10
Dead Man Walking - 9/10
A Day in the Death - 7/10
Something Borrowed - 5/10
From Out of the Rain - 6/10
Adrift - 9/10
Fragments - 10/10
Exit Wounds - 10/10


Doctor Who Series Four

Partners in Crime - 7/10
Fires of Pompeii - 6/10
Planet of the Ood - 7/10
The Sontaran Stratagem - 9/10
The Poison Sky - 9/10
The Doctor's Daughter - 6/10
The Unicorn and the Wasp - 7/10
Silence in the Library - 8/10
Forest of the Dead - 8/10
Midnight - 10/10
Turn Left - 9/10
The Stolen Earth - 10/10
Journey's End - 10/10

After rating all of the episodes between the two series, it's easy to see that this was one HELL of a year for both. I'm on pins-and-needles waiting for Torchwood series three. I'm anxiously awaiting the four Doctor Who specials we're supposed to get in 2009 along with this year's Christman Special as well. Also, I hope beyond all that David will stick around for series 5. However, if he does decide to leave, I'm still going to stick with the series. Who knows, maybe the next person to take on the role will be just as good as him. You never know, right?

I've changed my layout to that of a Supernatural theme; credit belongs to [personal profile] riddley

Also, I received the following DVDs in the mail:

Batman Begins - Limited Edition Gift Set (Blu-Ray)
Stargate Atlantis - The Complete Fourth Season
Wire in the Blood - The Complete Fifth Series

A picture of the above is under the cut.

The lenticular on the front of the BB box is superb; it's basically the same one that was used for the BestBuy exclusive version of the film when it was first released on regular DVD. Also, I love the postcards that came with the box set -- particularly the one of Batman standing on the side of the building (fourth one from the left). Another great thing about this set is the fact that you get to see the first six minutes of The Dark Knight in hi-def (*insert fangirl squee here*). Money cash was also included for said film so that you can see it free of charge. 

In other words, this box set was well worth the $34 that I dished out for it.

As for SGA season 4, the artwork on the front of the box is great-- although the second season box is still my favorite overall (I have a thing for shiny boxes). The WitB box on the other hand is a bit bland (as usual I might add). However, the pictures on the inside digi-pack are nice; they're in warm colors, and they feature the four main cast members of the series.


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