Well, how's everybody doing? Did you have a good weekend? Y/N? I'm doing a lot better, myself. I was pissed-off something terrible about an event that took place on livejournal, but a few members on my lovely flist ultimately helped to calm me down. Thanks so much for listening to my rant, guys. You all are truly something special, and I love every single one of you. ♥

Now then - what's going on with me? Well...

1. My Panthers took down Chicago. We're now 2-0!
2. I'm having fangirl fits over the new series, Merlin, which is supposed to premiere this coming Saturday. Anthony Head... Guh.
3. I finally got my custom frame - which means that I should be posting pictures shortly.
4. My brother cooked both my mother and I a wonderful dinner Saturday.
5. House premieres tomorrow. Squee!
6. Supernatural premieres Thursday! *flail*
7. I've recently realized that I want the next guy I date to be bisexual - and asian. LOL!
8. I want my own Chief Tyrol...
9. I'm madly in love with the series, The Shield. Such a superb, and morally complex drama.
0. I recently learned that a guy whom I ran into several times during D*C was Gerard Way - and I didn't even recognize him. DX

So, yeah... I'm in a pretty damn good mood. :)

That's right -- my Panthers took down the Chargers in a stunning final play that had me jumping out of my chair, and cheering them on. And what's really great is the fact that we won WITHOUT Steve Smith.

My boys played beautifully, despite having a few penalties. They pretty much controlled the ball for the entire first half. Unfortunately, the Chargers came back with a vengeance in the second, and took the lead. I was actually wringing my hands together for the final two minutes -- I just knew that this game was lost, but I held-out hope. And, sure enough, Delhomme threw a perfect pass -- after bobbling the ball -- and it was caught for a touchdown by Rosario... with 0 seconds left on the clock.

We may have had a horrible season last year, but it appears as if my beloved Carolina Panthers are going to be force to be reckoned with this season.


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