I went to see The Dark Knight over the weekend, and yet I'm just now writing about it in my journal? Yes, I do indeed fail at life. Actually, there's a good explanation... I've been re-watching Torchwood series 2 and Charlie Jade. So, yeah, that has basically consumed my free-time. I'm a complete dork over those two series -- sue me.

Anyway, time to talk about the knight.

First and foremost, I've got to get this off my chest-- if Heath doesn't at least get an oscar nom, I'm sending my personal bounty-hunter after the entire academy. His portrayal of the Joker was just simply haunting; it was mesmerizing watching him on-screen. He even distracted me from Bale at times -- which is really saying something. Now, as for Bale, he was fantastic as always. He has successfully turned Bruce into a truly complicated character.

All in all, this film definitely measured up to the hype -- it was an action-packed thrill ride from start to finish. Here's hoping that the academy will cease being so damn ignorant, and finally realize that comic-book adaptations can be just as good as those other films they seem to love so damn much that no one has even heard of.

Now then, time for bed...
I've changed my layout to that of a Supernatural theme; credit belongs to [personal profile] riddley

Also, I received the following DVDs in the mail:

Batman Begins - Limited Edition Gift Set (Blu-Ray)
Stargate Atlantis - The Complete Fourth Season
Wire in the Blood - The Complete Fifth Series

A picture of the above is under the cut.

The lenticular on the front of the BB box is superb; it's basically the same one that was used for the BestBuy exclusive version of the film when it was first released on regular DVD. Also, I love the postcards that came with the box set -- particularly the one of Batman standing on the side of the building (fourth one from the left). Another great thing about this set is the fact that you get to see the first six minutes of The Dark Knight in hi-def (*insert fangirl squee here*). Money cash was also included for said film so that you can see it free of charge. 

In other words, this box set was well worth the $34 that I dished out for it.

As for SGA season 4, the artwork on the front of the box is great-- although the second season box is still my favorite overall (I have a thing for shiny boxes). The WitB box on the other hand is a bit bland (as usual I might add). However, the pictures on the inside digi-pack are nice; they're in warm colors, and they feature the four main cast members of the series.


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