As 2008 draws to a close, I figure it would be a great idea to give you guys a sneak peek at what's to come from the lovely yet humble, Kitsu.

♥ While chatting with [ profile] tracy_loo_who last night, she convinced me to write my very own meta explaining the reasons why I love Dean/Castiel with every fiber of my being. I've also decided to include a picspam for those of you who just want something pretty to look at.

♥ Thanks to [ profile] crystalchain, I've been inspired to create yet another Dean/Castiel fanmix, which will hopefully measure up to my last one. Unfortunately, it will not be posted until February for Valentine's Day.

♥ I'm working on my very first Merlin/Arthur fanmix, which will be posted sometime in January. I would also love to write some fic for them... The only problem is the fact that I'm suffering from a horrific writer's block.

♥ I finally got my room organized, so expect pictures of that which I call my 'living space'. This will of course include my DVD collection, and my home theater set-up.

♥ I plan to write a full report telling you of my exploits at Jerseycon, which will include some glorious pictures of both Misha and Jared. The only problem is that I haven't decided on whether or not to make the post public, because I would sort of like to share my experience with my flist and my flist alone.


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