After watching this incredible episode, I felt like crawling into a fetal position, and just crying myself to sleep.

How is it possible for a television series to affect me so? Is it the amazing performances from the actors? My emotional attachment to it? What is it, exactly, that causes my heart to feel as if it's been crushed once an episode has concluded?

.I serve Heaven )

Title: My Whole Existence is Flawed
Fandom: Supernatural
Spoilers: Through 4x16; On the Head of a Pin
Characters/Pairing: Dark!Dean and Castiel
Tracks: 10 (runtime: 43.3 minutes)

Warning: Rated NC-17 because there's some hardcore shit going down here.

BONUS: Exclusive cover art from three very lovely ladies - [ profile] gembat, [ profile] nilsi_pilsifan, and [ profile] x5649. They also each made a small matching set of icons for their particular version of the mix, respectively.

Dedication: To my dearest internet wife, [ profile] tracy_loo_who - you're the one who inspired me to do this. Soul to soul, bb. Soul to soul. ♥

Notes: The inspiration for this came to me after reading an amazing, albeit very dark story from [ profile] tracy_loo_who. The story was called, The Forty-First Year, and it tells of the events which transpired while Castiel was searching for Dean in Hell.

.let me see you stripped down to the bone )
My good friend [ profile] x5649 just finished this video today after being inspired by my latest Dean/Castiel fanmix. In it, she brings together two completely different pairings from two completely different universes - those pairings of course being Dean/Castiel from Supernatural, and Sheppard/Teyla from Stargate Atlantis.

This video is just simply beautiful. All of the scenes chosen for both pairings fits the song perfectly, thus fixing it to where everything blends together in a very smooth fashion.

Vidder: [ profile] x5649
Title: All That I Am
Fandom(s): Supernatural and Stargate Atlantis
Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel, John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan
Spoiler Warning: Through episode 4x18 of Supernatural, and... all of SGA? Not sure.

Download the video HERE, and be sure to show her some love while you're at it. She deserves it. ♥
Title: My Soul Calls You
Fandom: Supernatural
Spoilers: Through episode 4x18; The Monster at the End of this Book
Characters/Pairing: Dean and Castiel
Tracks: 11 (runtime: 54.3 minutes; also includes bonus track)
BONUS: 6 icons (3 Castiel, 1 Dean, and 2 Dean/Cas)

Dedications: To every single person on my wonderful flist. You guys are the ones who keep me going.

Notes: The hotly anticipated follow-up to my previous fanmix, Heaven's Not Enough, My Soul Calls You focuses more on the beautiful relationship between Dean and Castiel rather than the characters themselves.

.let the whole world fall away, and fall into my arms )
The things you do to us, show. You've even gotten my mother into this mess known as SPN fandom. Can you believe that she got every single one of the jokes presented tonight? Do you have any idea how epic that alone is?

All right, on to the review:

.Thoughts located under HERE )

Supernatural was almost a pain for me to watch tonight. There were a few good things about it, yes, but as a whole I did not like it. At all. So instead of a review, I'm going to hit you guys up with a vid!rec of epic proportions:

Vidder: [ profile] thandie (head on over HERE and show some love ♥)
Title: Eye for an Eye
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Castiel, Dean, Sam, Alastair, Uriel and Anna; hints of Dean/Castiel
Spoiler Warnings: Through 4x16; On the Head of a Pin

EMBED under the CUT. )
kitsu84: (spn - turning into dust;)
( Mar. 23rd, 2009 10:47 pm)
The sheer intensity of this episode almost killed me. It also took me quite a while before I was able to gather my thoughts on it...

Review Located Under The CUT. )

Interview can be found HERE. (no major spoilers)

-If you were Dean, how would you feel about Castiel?
Oh God. Not this tight-ass again.

I'll admit it: His reply literally made me gigglesnort. I guess that means it's official, people... Misha has indeed been reading our porn. He also totes supports Dastiel. LMFAO.

Then there's this:

-I read that you are all caught up on every episode of Supernatural. Besides the episodes you’ve starred in, can you name a few that are stand out episodes for you?
I think my favorite episode so far was “GhostFacers.” That was just so bizarre and so well executed and risky and funny.

Misha, I hereby declare my undying love for you. Wait... I've already done that haven't I?

And, finally:

-I see that you are attending some conventions in the near future for Supernatural! Are you excited / nervous / scared about it? Have you asked Jared and Jensen how to handle them?
I am more curious than anything. I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m always game for something new. Actually, just last night I asked Jensen about it on set. Suffice to say he didn’t scare me away. I think they sound fun.

Not to worry Misha, my dear... Heather, Tracy and I are going to take real good care of you at Jerseycon. So, have no fear. *wink*
I posed a question in the Dean/Castiel Friending Meme: Why do you love Dean/Castiel?

Well, thanks to that question, [ profile] tracy_loo_who wrote an exquisite meta explaining exactly why it is that she loves this pairing. In fact, I was moved to tears when I read it along with all of the wonderful comments. I had no idea how strong of a love this fandom had for these two, and while talking with Tracy, she convinced me to write my own meta explaining why it is that I love them so.

So, here it is... The reasons why I love Dean/Castiel with every fiber of my being.

Salvation and Corruption... )
As 2008 draws to a close, I figure it would be a great idea to give you guys a sneak peek at what's to come from the lovely yet humble, Kitsu.

♥ While chatting with [ profile] tracy_loo_who last night, she convinced me to write my very own meta explaining the reasons why I love Dean/Castiel with every fiber of my being. I've also decided to include a picspam for those of you who just want something pretty to look at.

♥ Thanks to [ profile] crystalchain, I've been inspired to create yet another Dean/Castiel fanmix, which will hopefully measure up to my last one. Unfortunately, it will not be posted until February for Valentine's Day.

♥ I'm working on my very first Merlin/Arthur fanmix, which will be posted sometime in January. I would also love to write some fic for them... The only problem is the fact that I'm suffering from a horrific writer's block.

♥ I finally got my room organized, so expect pictures of that which I call my 'living space'. This will of course include my DVD collection, and my home theater set-up.

♥ I plan to write a full report telling you of my exploits at Jerseycon, which will include some glorious pictures of both Misha and Jared. The only problem is that I haven't decided on whether or not to make the post public, because I would sort of like to share my experience with my flist and my flist alone.
My beloved internet wife, [ profile] tracy_loo_who , has written a lovely meta explaining why it is she loves this pairing as much as she does, and it's just simply beautiful. She has successfully put into words every single reason why it is that I love this pairing so damn much.

You can join in the epic discussion which is currently being held HERE.

If you are a Dean/Castiel shipper, I implore you to go read this and voice your opinions.
Title: Heaven's Not Enough (aka "Salvation and Corruption")
Fandom: Supernatural
Spoilers: Through episode 4x10; Heaven and Hell
Characters/Pairing: Dean and Castiel
Tracks: 12 (runtime: 55.3 minutes)

Dedications: To [ profile] breakinporcelan for being awesome (happy birthday, bb!). To [ profile] tracy_loo_who for being one of the greatest fanfic writers out there when it comes to Dean/Castiel. And finally, to [ profile] zed_pm for being the greatest friend a girl could ask for.

Notes: I hadn't originally planned on doing another mix until after the first of the year. But after being hit with the emotional trauma of loosing someone dear to me, I had to loose myself in something - something that would help me deal with the pain, along with the guilt. And this mix, here, is the result of that grief.

kitsu84: (spn: shades of grey;)
( Dec. 15th, 2008 11:39 pm)
Join in. You know you want to.

Title: Dance with the Devil (aka "Dark Times Lie Ahead")
Fandom: Supernatural
Spoilers: Through episode 4x07; It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel and Uriel
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Tracks: 14 (runtime: 55.7 minutes)

Dedications: To my partner in crime and best friend, [ profile] zed_pm . And to my beloved guardian angel, [ profile] ace_of_spades6 . She's got quite a bit going on in her homelife, so send her your prayers.

Notes: This is it... My final mix of the year.

This one took me quite some time to compile. I also hadn't planned on including Uriel in the mix at first - just Sam, Dean and Castiel (my ultimate OT3). But after seeing him in the episode It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester, I just couldn't resist.

Unlike the vast majority of the fandom, I didn't see Uriel as being a 'dick'. Instead, I saw him as a strong, fearless, stern and proud warrior - someone whom you would definitely want on your side on the battlefield. And so what if he's got a taste for the theatrics? He was still able to instill fear in Sam. In other words, this Angel knows how to get the job done. Which is exactly what you need when you're fighting in the war to end all wars. 

As for my song choices, I wanted to go for something that truly sounded apocalyptic. I also wanted the entire mix to be dark, with an underlying theme of hope for the future. That's why the final track is Robert Kral's Home. It's a short but bittersweet instrumental piece that's poignant in the regard that it suggests maybe - just maybe - our boys will make it through this in one piece. However, I don't foresee it. I've got the strongest feeling that this series is going to leave every single one of us broken.

Special Note: This is the only fanmix I have ever compiled that my mother literally said "wow" when she listened to it. That right there, ladies and gentlemen, should tell you something because she's one of my toughest critics.


And at his feet, they'll cast their golden crowns )

Title: Whispers in the Dark (One Shot)
Rating: NC-17 (dark themes; sexual content)
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairing: Dean and Castiel
Spoilers: Only if you haven't seen the premiere...
Beta: None.
Disclaimer: I don't own any form of Supernatural whatsoever. And for all intents and purposes, that's probably a very good thing.
Summary: Dean seeks to find temporary solace.
Notes: This is just a soft little ficlet, written to the sounds of Chopin, Clint Mansell and Breaking Benjamin, which is an epic combination by my standards.

This could also be considered as a companion piece for: "Where is my Angel?"

Comments are always appreciated, however they are not necessary. Now then, on with the fic.

To lie here under you,
Is all that I could ever do,
To lie here under you is all,
To lie here under you is all that I could ever do,
To lie here under you is all,

Rain rain go away,
Come again another day,
All the world is waiting for the sun.

- Breaking Benjamin; "Rain"

Pellets of rain were beating against the motel room window, creating a soft, sweet melody. )
Title: Where is my Angel? (One Shot)
Rating: PG-13 (dark themes)
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean, Castiel, Sam and Lucifer
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: Everything seen in the series thus far.
Beta: None.
Disclaimer: If I owned the rights to this series, it would have to be shown on either Showtime or HBO late at night.
Summary: Dean awakens, and sees his failure standing before him.
Notes: Be warned - this little ficlet is dark; I wrote it while listening to the deadly combination of Cruxshadows, Marilyn Manson, and Nightwish.

Comments are appreciated, however they are not necessary. Now then, on with the fic.

And I am sinking into a mountain of self pity;
Why can't I simply disregard all the things I feel?

Where is my angel when I need him most?
Tell me now where did he go?

- The Cruxshadows; "Even Angels Fall"

Dean awakens on a blood-drenched battlefield. )


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