Heads up: This entry is going to remain public, but I'm not going to post any outside links to it for fear of wank from Sam!Girls. Yes, I am THAT pissed.

.Here, let me check the demon blood detox manual )

After watching this incredible episode, I felt like crawling into a fetal position, and just crying myself to sleep.

How is it possible for a television series to affect me so? Is it the amazing performances from the actors? My emotional attachment to it? What is it, exactly, that causes my heart to feel as if it's been crushed once an episode has concluded?

.I serve Heaven )

The things you do to us, show. You've even gotten my mother into this mess known as SPN fandom. Can you believe that she got every single one of the jokes presented tonight? Do you have any idea how epic that alone is?

All right, on to the review:

.Thoughts located under HERE )

The sheer intensity of this episode almost killed me. It also took me quite a while before I was able to gather my thoughts on it...

Review Located Under The CUT. )

Here comes part two. Prepare yourselves for you are about the enter the MISHA ZONE. ♥

Day TWO: Richard, Gabriel and Traci )

Day THREE: Jim, Todd, Malik and Misha )

Hope everyone enjoyed my report! By the way, I am TOTES going to the con in NJ in 2010. Anyone else going?
Everyone on my flist seems to be talking about the latest SPACE promo for episode 4x16 of Supernatural, and I figured that I should add in my two cents worth.

(Caution: There be major spoilers.)

The promo, along with my personal thoughts, are located under the cut. )

By the way, my wonderful and glorious people, I'm currently half-way done with my con-report. So, it should be posted by Monday. And, yes... I'm going to include some of my beautiful pictures of Misha. Not all, mind you, but a fair few.

Another thing, I hereby make a request:

I'm currently spoiled through episode 4x20. So, you're free to include any spoilers for those episodes in your comments. However, I implore you to NOT include any from episode 4x21 and 4x22. I want the final two episodes to be a complete surprise for me, so please, don't say anything about them in your comments. Thank you.
Interview can be found HERE. (no major spoilers)

-If you were Dean, how would you feel about Castiel?
Oh God. Not this tight-ass again.

I'll admit it: His reply literally made me gigglesnort. I guess that means it's official, people... Misha has indeed been reading our porn. He also totes supports Dastiel. LMFAO.

Then there's this:

-I read that you are all caught up on every episode of Supernatural. Besides the episodes you’ve starred in, can you name a few that are stand out episodes for you?
I think my favorite episode so far was “GhostFacers.” That was just so bizarre and so well executed and risky and funny.

Misha, I hereby declare my undying love for you. Wait... I've already done that haven't I?

And, finally:

-I see that you are attending some conventions in the near future for Supernatural! Are you excited / nervous / scared about it? Have you asked Jared and Jensen how to handle them?
I am more curious than anything. I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m always game for something new. Actually, just last night I asked Jensen about it on set. Suffice to say he didn’t scare me away. I think they sound fun.

Not to worry Misha, my dear... Heather, Tracy and I are going to take real good care of you at Jerseycon. So, have no fear. *wink*
Contains very exciting news pertaining to Castiel. Interview can be found HERE.

Here be Kitsu's favorite little tidbits. )

*resists the urge to do an epic!keysmash of doom*
I posed a question in the Dean/Castiel Friending Meme: Why do you love Dean/Castiel?

Well, thanks to that question, [livejournal.com profile] tracy_loo_who wrote an exquisite meta explaining exactly why it is that she loves this pairing. In fact, I was moved to tears when I read it along with all of the wonderful comments. I had no idea how strong of a love this fandom had for these two, and while talking with Tracy, she convinced me to write my own meta explaining why it is that I love them so.

So, here it is... The reasons why I love Dean/Castiel with every fiber of my being.

Salvation and Corruption... )
My beloved internet wife, [livejournal.com profile] tracy_loo_who , has written a lovely meta explaining why it is she loves this pairing as much as she does, and it's just simply beautiful. She has successfully put into words every single reason why it is that I love this pairing so damn much.

You can join in the epic discussion which is currently being held HERE.

If you are a Dean/Castiel shipper, I implore you to go read this and voice your opinions.
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( Dec. 15th, 2008 11:39 pm)
Join in. You know you want to.
Read the interview HERE. (no spoilers)

Well, I was planning to go to bed, but now I'm too fucking excited. xD

OMG. Oh. My. Fucking. GOD. Look who's attending Creation's Salute to Supernatural convention in Cherry Hill, NJ:

There's just too damn much pretty on this page.

Dude, I am literally shaking from excitement... Holy shit, I am actually going to meet Misha in person. That's not even mentioning THE PADALECKI.

Excuse me while I crawl over to a corner, and DIE...
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( Nov. 25th, 2008 12:21 pm)
Misha's latest interview can be found HERE. (warning: contains spoilers)

*cue insane fangirl freakout*

Kripke... You truly are a magnificent bastard. I love you. And for those of you wondering why I am completely enamored with the Kripkeeper right now, check out my thoughts on tonight's episode by clicking the cut-link below.

He likes you... )

This episode was great, but it failed to meet the 'epic' scale.

Kitsu's Final Grade: B
As per usual, my thoughts are under the cut...

What were they thinking? )

Kitsu's Final Grade: C

As for next week: I'm holding out hope here, Kripke. You better deliver.
Personal thoughts located under the cut.

Even I'm unsure... )

After everything is all said and done with, I have got to give this episode the following.

Kitsu's Final Grade: A
Yes. I'm spamming up your flist with SPN related info.

Found this, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] ckll  @ [livejournal.com profile] dean_sam  (caution, contains spoilers):

A certain someone's set to return in episode seven? )

Happy Supernatural Day, my lovely people! And with it, I pose a question to the Supernatural fans on both my flist, and those of you who may be lurking:

Do you believe that Castiel has been contradicting in his conversations with Dean?

Now I know some of you are probably thinking: "What the hell is she talking about? Has she been smoking something?"

No, I haven't smoked anything - all I've had is one beer to relax me after the evening I had with a certain individual which caused my temper to flare somewhat. So, I'm thinking rather coherently at the moment.

This question actually hit me in the doctor's office today. You see, Castiel pointed out to Dean that all roads lead to the same destination. He also knew that Dean wouldn't be able to stop his mother's deal with Azazel. Now, if he knows what's lying ahead for the brothers, why did he tell Dean to stop Sam from going down this dangerous path? If he already knows what's going to happen, why has he been acting as if he doesn't? Is it all done to set Dean on the 'correct' path? If that's the case, then why make the remark that all roads lead to the same destination? This suggests that it really doesn't matter what Dean does, the outcome will be the same. So why bother asking him?

Also, did anyone else notice the small smirk Castiel gave to Dean when he asked what he was dreaming about? Was this part of the role, or was this just something Misha did.

Am I being too analytical? Yes? Ok, I'll shut-up.
A short review of the episode, along with personal thoughts are under the cut.

If you can't stop him, we will. )

This was, with a doubt, one of the best episodes of Supernatural thus far. Kripke's now 3-for-3 for season four.

Kitsu's Final Grade: A+

Bring on next Thursday. I'm ready.


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