.CAUTION there be spoilers )

Oh, Sammy... *hugs him tightly*
Everyone on my flist seems to be talking about the latest SPACE promo for episode 4x16 of Supernatural, and I figured that I should add in my two cents worth.

(Caution: There be major spoilers.)

The promo, along with my personal thoughts, are located under the cut. )

By the way, my wonderful and glorious people, I'm currently half-way done with my con-report. So, it should be posted by Monday. And, yes... I'm going to include some of my beautiful pictures of Misha. Not all, mind you, but a fair few.

Another thing, I hereby make a request:

I'm currently spoiled through episode 4x20. So, you're free to include any spoilers for those episodes in your comments. However, I implore you to NOT include any from episode 4x21 and 4x22. I want the final two episodes to be a complete surprise for me, so please, don't say anything about them in your comments. Thank you.
This made me LOL so hard. I swear...

Click for possible spoilers pertaining to the finale... )

Did the person responsible for the transcription actually watch the video, or are they deliberately trying to start a wankfest? Because Jared said nothing of the sort...
Contains very exciting news pertaining to Castiel. Interview can be found HERE.

Here be Kitsu's favorite little tidbits. )

*resists the urge to do an epic!keysmash of doom*
Spurred on by my own theory, I went in search of even more spoilers for season four and found the following. 

Everything is under the cut.

I am stoked about this season -- even more so than last because of the mystery surrounding it. Plus, we're finally going learn of how Mary knew the yellow-eyed demon. In other words, this season is going to be f**king awesome. I can't wait.

I spent my evening yesterday watching my favorite episodes of Supernatural season two. It got me to thinking afterwards, and I was struck with a few ideas of what I think Kripke may be planning to do next season.

There are a few spoilers, so I'm placing these ideas of mine under the cut.

It's either going to be that or Dean's going to become a warrior for the side of light -- with Sam on the side of darkness. 

Hmmm... That actually makes more sense than my other theory listed above.

Talk about tragic... I can't think of a more fitting climax to this series than to see these two brothers on opposing sides of the war fighting one another. Also, my mother and I have already started formulating our theories as to what the final scene of the series will be: She believes that the final scene will contain the two brothers being re-united with their parents in the afterlife thus concluding the Winchester saga, and to a certain degree, I agree with her -- the only thing that I disagree with is the fact that I believe it'll just be Dean joining his parents.


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