I hate to do it, but my flist has gotten to the point where it's out of control. It now takes me roughly two hours every single day to go through it, and I just don't have the time for that. So I'm letting you guys know that I'm going to make a friends cut in the next 24 hours.

If you want to stay on my flist, leave a comment in this entry. All comments are to be screened.

I just finished slicing and dicing my flist. If you can read this ENTRY, then you've survived the guillotine. If not, I offer my apologies. This is by no means meant to be personal. It's just that, after a certain set of events, I felt it necessary. Please, don't be offended.

As for those of you who made it, I hereby make a pledge: I'm going to try with all my might to visit and post on your journals more often. I feel as if I haven't been doing that as of late, and it's time I rectified it. But, please... Bear in mind that I'm a very introverted person. I can also be rather aloof, so don't take it personally if I don't always reply to your comments in either mine or your entries.
The following people have been cut from my flist because they either never friended back, post on my journal, or I feel as if we no longer have anything in common:

[ profile] 805belladonna 
[ profile] broksgurl717 
[ profile] downtown_sassy  (because she's moving to a new LJ)
[ profile] griggharris 
[ profile] mizzclara 
[ profile] pookaseraph 
[ profile] princessofmafia 
[ profile] thedragonkeeper 

It's quite the cut, and I apologize to everyone on it. But like I said, I've gotten to the point where I'm very picky where my friends are concerned; I don't want to just add names to my profile page. So if you feel as if you deserve to be on my flist, drop a line here and I may reconsider.



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