Oh, Sammy... *hugs him tightly*
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Yup. That's pretty much it. Poor him.

(Though maybe it's heightened for me because I've been practically OD-ing on Gilmore Girls and being all d'aww, Deaaannnn.)

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I can't even begin to imagine what Sam's going through. The pain; the hallucinations and the fear of finding exactly what your brother thinks of you... So heart-wrenching.

And, Dean... Having to sit there, and decide whether or not he should just let his brother die.
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Uhuh. Because like Sam would never NOT care what Dean thinks about him.


I mean from the clips it seems like Bobby thinks if Sam doesn't get some demon blood he's gonna die, but if he gets the blood then he'll go all dark side and maybe it really is better for him to die human than become some kinda monster?

Ya know? I mean, i get what Dean is saying bout him at least dying human.

Pros and cons. Bah!

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That's one thing I'm excited over after seeing this clip is the fact that this will finally prove once and for all that Sam does indeed still care about what his brother thinks of him.

I'm with Dean on this: It is far better to let someone whom you dearly love die, rather than watching them become a horrific monster which has no hope of being saved.

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oh noes!!! SAMMY!

I haven't wanted to hug Sammy this badly in a REALLY long time.

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I haven't either. I just want to wrap him up in a blanket, hug him tightly, and fight off ANYONE who comes near him.

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that was intense.

oh, btw loving your new layout

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I know, right? I actually think my heart may have skipped a beat...

oh, btw loving your new layout


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OH GOD. I can't bear this. I can't. *weeps* Oh, Show. WHYYYYY?

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This episode is going to be damn near IMPOSSIBLE to watch.

Damn you, Kripkeeper...

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OMG poor Puppy, Sammy's hallicinating and going through withdrawels without the demon blood, its like an drug..he cannot get enough of .

From: [identity profile] kitsu84.livejournal.com

Precisely. And the sad thing about it is the fact that it isn't his fault. Not really.

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Sammy ç_____ç ! It's heartwrenching, especially thinking back to episodes like "Playthings" and "Born Under A Bad Sign" of S2. You would never think that Dean would really come to think that it's better to 'kill him' so that he is gonna die as a human...

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True. But I can understand where Dean's coming from. Letting Sam die instead of becoming a monster is, in a way, a form of saving him.

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That clip broke my heart..the pain Sam and Dean are BOTH going through it's just unimaginable. I want my boys back together.

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I must admit it was rather difficult for me to watch that clip. I dare not try to imagine what the rest of the episode is going to be like; I'm not sure my heart will be able to stand it.

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OUCH. Poor Sammy. I've been waffling this season, back and forth over what he's been doing, but nothing he's done merits the harsh words of Hallucination!Dean -- of course that could be Sam's own worst thoughts thrown back at him from the voice of the person he love most. But still!

And of course Dean's line is Sammy. It always has been.

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Hallucination!Dean is clearly a manifestation of Sam's worst fears. Nothing could do more damage to him, emotionally, than to have his brother look at him as if he was a monster.

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This episode will break my heart... I'm preparing myself to cry and be depressed for a whole week . I'm gonna be dehydrated after this!

From: [identity profile] kitsu84.livejournal.com

You and me both. I can see right now that this episode is going to break me completely...


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