After watching this incredible episode, I felt like crawling into a fetal position, and just crying myself to sleep.

How is it possible for a television series to affect me so? Is it the amazing performances from the actors? My emotional attachment to it? What is it, exactly, that causes my heart to feel as if it's been crushed once an episode has concluded?


Here we have a man by the name of Jimmy Novak. He's nothing special; just a normal family man with a perfectly drab job. At least that's what he thinks. As it turns out, Jimmy is special - he's a chosen vessel for the angels of God. What makes him special, I do not yet know. All I know is that it's something in his blood.

Then there's Castiel; an angel of the Lord who's slowly being corrupted by his human charge. With one word, one plea - Dean's able to get Castiel to do just about anything for him. In fact, Dean means so much to Castiel, that Castiel's willing to go against Heaven itself to relay an important message to him. Unfortunately, Cas is pulled out of his human host kicking and screaming; pulled back to Heaven to suffer his punishment for going against his superiors.


I had a hard time getting a read on Dean tonight. He was clearly confused and worried about Castiel, but he also wanted to protect Jimmy; wanted to send him back to his human family where he belonged.

There were a couple of things that I found rather interesting, though:

1. The look Dean gave Jimmy when he hugged his wife. I found it rather odd. Was he jealous?
2. His expression when Jimmy was shot. He looked as if his entire world had come crashing down.
3. The hurt on his face when Castiel said that he 'didn't serve him'. It BROKE me...


Sam. Sam, Sam, Sam... I want to be angry with him, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I know what it's like to live with someone who's THAT addicted to something; I know all too well how they're able to do ANYTHING to get it. He has my sympathies...


I'm not sure what I think about Jimmy. I feel sorry for him, yes, but the brothers tried to warn him; tried to tell him that demons would be after him, and his family if he were to return to them. And yet, he did it anyway. If I didn't know any better, I'd say he was a Winchester just from his stubbornness alone. Still, he gave up everything to protect his daughter; to shield her from being a vessel for the angels.


Oh, Cas... What was it exactly that he wanted to tell Dean? Was it something to do with the apocalypse? Chuck's vision? Or was it more personal? YOU'RE KILLING ME HERE, KRIPKEEPER!

Also, the final scene between him and Dean... Oh my god, I literally grabbed my chest. That was so very, very harsh. Just what, exactly, did they do to him in Heaven and why? Was he dangerously close to falling, and his angel brothers were forced to step-in? Did he say what he did to deliberately push Dean away from him? I MUST KNOW. Or else my head's going to explode...

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