This is one episode that left me feeling - unsatisfied? Conflicted? Angry?

So the Winchesters do indeed - or shall I say did have a younger brother; a brother who was brought up by a good mother; who had father that took him to baseball games, and took him fishing.

Normal parents. A normal life. Something which Dean Winchester has never known, and something that Sam Winchester has only had a small taste of: normalcy. Too bad the kid's been dead a while, and is in fact a ghoul intent on killing the Winchester brothers because their father killed his.

Strange, though, isn't it? Strange how a man who seemed so obsessed with seeking vengeance for the death of the love of his life could in fact being living a second 'normal' one.

Dean -

Oh, Dean. I can only imagine how you must've felt, standing there looking at this boy who had everything you've always wanted: A normal life, a mother, a father who was proud of you. And yet, despite all of that, you still wanted to protect the boy; protect him from the life of a hunter. Even when faced with something such as this, you put your anger aside, and thought of the boy.

Sam -

What's going on here, Sam? This boy has a fighting chance at something that you want for yourself and Dean, and yet you're so quick to condemn him to the same tragic life that both you and your older brother have been forced to bear? What has happened to you?

By the way, Sam, I honestly don't think that was meant to be a compliment, and quite frankly, I agree completely with your brother: you are exactly like your father, in both the good ways and the bad.

Papa Winchester -

A double-life. I must admit that I never would've thought that you would be capable of something such as this, Papa Winchester. Still, you never abandoned the boy. You made sure to let him know that he was loved - something all fathers should do, but unfortunately, many don't.

Maybe if you had showed the same consideration to your other two boys, things would've been different...

That's all I've got to say on this episode. I was left feeling extremely angry, and I actually felt like crying, so yeah... I'm just going to stop there before I actually do start crying.

Oh, boys... I love both of you so very, very much.

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