Title: My Soul Calls You
Fandom: Supernatural
Spoilers: Through episode 4x18; The Monster at the End of this Book
Characters/Pairing: Dean and Castiel
Tracks: 11 (runtime: 54.3 minutes; also includes bonus track)
BONUS: 6 icons (3 Castiel, 1 Dean, and 2 Dean/Cas)

Dedications: To every single person on my wonderful flist. You guys are the ones who keep me going.

Notes: The hotly anticipated follow-up to my previous fanmix, Heaven's Not Enough, My Soul Calls You focuses more on the beautiful relationship between Dean and Castiel rather than the characters themselves.

all is violent, all is bright - god is an astronaut (instrumental)

The angels descend into Hell.
There, a lost soul cries out - and who should hear it but none other than, Castiel.

lift - poets of the fall; (DEAN to CASTIEL)

"You lift my spirit, take me higher, make me fly,
Touch the moon up in the sky, when you are mine
You lift me higher, take my spirit, make it fly,
Where all new wonders will appear"

all the I am - rob thomas; (CASTIEL to DEAN)

"I am the white dove for a soldier
Ever marching as to war
I would give my life to save you
I stand guarding at your door
I give you all that I am"

come undone - jackson waters; (DEAN)

"There are ways that I’ve been falling
There are times that I’ve been so weak
There are moments I hear redemption calling
But I’m too far down to speak

There are scars that I‘ve been hiding
There are ghosts that I do not claim
There are closets I do not care to open
They open all the same"

once - caleb kane; (CASTIEL to DEAN)

"You're falling into it
An inescapable place
Or something intimate
Between the you that no one sees
Is there a way inside
You only hide from enemies
Cause I'll wait
I'm afraid you won't get rid of me so easily"

one word - conjure one; (DEAN and CASTIEL)

"Every single thing I see, good or bad
You make it mean something better
Every pleasure, every pain
Every nightmare that I dream
Make it mean something better"

fall awake - the echoing green; (CASTIEL to DEAN)

"If you find you're
reaching for the height
Wishing for an ending to this plight
And if your heart can't beat in time
Reach, reach...take mine"

into dust - mazzy star; (CASTIEL)

"I could possibly be fading
Or have something more to gain
I could feel myself growing colder
I could feel myself under your fate
Under your fate"

nothing at all - rob dougan; (DEAN to CASTIEL)

"to float far away
into eternal space
and God's silence
where I'll watch your face
and find patience and grace
in each line there"

remaining light - god is an astronaut (instrumental)

destiny (guitar version) - naoki sato (instrumental)

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004 005 006

DOWNLOAD THE ZIP HERE: megaupload // sendspace // mediafire (82.66 MB; Includes Cover Art)

- screencaps courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] shea_fleur
- all graphic work done by yours truly
- comments are the utmost love
- if you want a singular download, ask away
- feel free to check out my other FANMIXES
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