Greetings and salutations. This is the journal of one snarky - albeit slightly disturbed - fangirl. If you're interested in learning more about me, please visit my PROFILE.

Also, if you're interested in being friends, please, don't be shy. Just leave a comment in this entry, and if we've got something in common, I'll friend you. Otherwise, I'm just going to ignore you.

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From: [identity profile] 24snowyli-chan.livejournal.com

*waves* hellos~just thought i'd drop by and tell you i added you back (lols, i just did, real smart Lidz)

From: [identity profile] winchestural.livejournal.com

Hello I see we have a bit in common: alastair, angel, angel after the fall, castiel, christian bale, dean winchester, dean/anna, deanxcastiel, eric kripke, great britian, jared padalecki, jeffery dean morgan, jensen ackles, metallicar, misha collins, nine inch nails, sam winchester, supernatural, three days grace, uriel. May I add you?quinto

From: [identity profile] kitsu84.livejournal.com

Sure, go ahead. I'm actually not taking friend requests at the moment, but considering the fact that we've got quite a bit in common, I'll make an exception.


From: [identity profile] winchestural.livejournal.com

Wicked, you have been added as well. :)

Oh, sorry about that. I saw on your entry: CURRENTLY: ACCEPTING FRIEND REQUESTS. So I figured it was okay, probably should of pm you first.

From: [identity profile] kitsu84.livejournal.com

Nah, that's alright. Don't worry about it. You were actually better off posting here because I miss a lot of my messages.

From: [identity profile] winchestural.livejournal.com

Ah, I know how that is. Is it just me, or is LJ deleting messages? For some reason some of mine are being deleted. I tend to miss some as well. -Sighs-.

From: [identity profile] kitsu84.livejournal.com

Delayed reply... Forgive me. I'm currently on hiatus, and I only just noticed your comment. I feel like such an idiot.

I'm not sure if LJ is deleting messages; none of mine have been. My problem is the fact that I forget to check them, and thus they get lost in the clutter of comments and notifications.

From: [identity profile] kirusai.livejournal.com

Hey there ;)

I'd love to friend you (ehh, already did), because I saw your name on the Merlin meme. HOWEVER, I came over here and saw that you're a Dean/Castiel fan. Oh wow. That's just....that's just overload for my heart.

I'm currently on a semi-break with the SPN fandom, but I'd love to have more Dean/Cas friends. Let me know if it's cool with you ;)


From: [identity profile] kitsu84.livejournal.com

Of course I'm cool with it. I'm always open to adding more Dean/Cas fans to my flist. ♥

From: [identity profile] sassypantsu.livejournal.com


I've been wondering why I haven't seen your posts, and I swear, I had no idea I defriended you. Holy crap, I'm really sorry. I feel like an ass.

From: [identity profile] bellajayd.livejournal.com

hi! i had you listed as a friend since the dean/castiel friending meme and now i just realized you like MERLIN as well. i see that you are not accepting friend requests . . . but here's hoping, i don't think i can have enough anti-wank people on the f-list!

From: [identity profile] sgteam14283.livejournal.com


hello...I'm a friend of x5649 and I keep hearing about you so I wanted to learn more about you (in the non-creeper way).

David Tennant is made of win and I'm going to cry when he leave Who.
Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones is smexy.
Dean Winchester is sex on a stick and Castiel makes me want to be bad.
Eric Kripke is God.

From: [identity profile] kitsu84.livejournal.com

Hey there. ♥

David Tennant is made of win and I'm going to cry when he leave Who.
David in indeed made of utmost win. Him leaving DrWho is going to hit me HARD.

Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones is smexy.
I'm more of a Jack!fangirl, but you're right: They are indeed smexy.

Dean Winchester is sex on a stick and Castiel makes me want to be bad.
THIS x100,000,000

Eric Kripke is God.
WORD. We should build an altar to him, and send offerings.


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