The things you do to us, show. You've even gotten my mother into this mess known as SPN fandom. Can you believe that she got every single one of the jokes presented tonight? Do you have any idea how epic that alone is?

All right, on to the review:

Get this: There are Sam!Girls, and Dean!Girls... And what's slash? -

Oh, show, how I love thee. Not only did you give a massive shoutout to the SPN fandom, but you also brought slash - yes, slash - into the mix. I wonder how many people went "WTF?" when that happened.

The brothers' reaction to 'Wincest' also had both my mother and I in tears because we were laughing so damn hard. I actually had to stop for a minute, and take the time to breathe. And don't even get me started on the expressions on the boys' faces. They were beyond priceless.

Chuck, the Prophet -

So Kripke... err... I mean Chuck is a prophet of the Lord. Whatever he dreams about is destined to happen. He's also got an Archangel watching out for him? Oh, lord, cue the insane fangirl squeeing on my part. I had so wanted Michael to finally make his appearance in the show - if that's who it was - but unfortunately Lilith ran like the coward she really is. Although in all honesty, I can't really blame her. As Castiel said, Archangels are FIERCE.

By the way, writers: THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE ENDING. What did he dream about, damn it?!

Castiel's first step towards disobedience -

I'm not going to lie: I'm a HUGE fan of the concept of Castiel falling - particularly if it's for Dean's sake. Which is the reason why I asked Misha about it while attending the SPN convention in NJ. And tonight I finally got to see Castiel's first step towards the edge... and it was for Dean. The way he called after Dean, twice, and gave him that subtle 'hint hint' in his voice had me flailing.

Zachariah -

There's nothing really to say about his appearance other than: SQUEE! ♥

Sam, Sam, Sam... -

I loved him so fucking much in this episode. He acknowledged that he does indeed have a problem that he's unable to control - an addiction. Just... Oh, god, Sam. How is it that you're always able to bring me back into the fold? I love you so fucking much, and it's killing me to see you go down this dark road. And yet, I still want to see it happen.

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