The sheer intensity of this episode almost killed me. It also took me quite a while before I was able to gather my thoughts on it...

The episode opens in what appears to be a parking lot, completely full of overturned cars and blaring alarms. Suddenly, there's a tall figure; a figure of which quite a few of us [fans] have come to both trust and love. He raises his hand, and silence befalls all. He walks up, and kneels down beside the dead body of a beautiful woman. A look of sadness flashes across his face, and he bids farewell to his "sister." He then disappears just soon as the police arrive. Finally, the camera cuts to an overhead view of the woman's body, and we see what was once a beautiful pair of angelic wings. Only, now, they're nothing more than shadows on the pavement.

This episode was incredible. It was also intense to the point of having me literally biting my nails. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire duration, and I loved every single minute.

Now then, time to look at the things which peaked my interest:


It was great having him back in the series because Alastair is, without a doubt, one of my top favorite Supernatural villains of all time. And Christopher's portrayal of him was just simply superb. He nailed every single scene, and successfully turned Alastair into a villain you love to hate.

One thing which I found of particular interest was the fact that he confessed to torturing John for almost a century, saying that John was made of something special; something of heroes. He then rubbed the fact that Dean only lasted for thirty-years in Dean's face, calling him "Daddy's Little Girl." That, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call 'psychological warfare'. And Alastair was damn good at it.

I'm going to miss you, bb. ♥


After this episode, it was clear to see that Sam does indeed still care for his brother. In fact, saving Dean from being forced to torture Alastair was the only reason he called Ruby. He was also the one responsible for saving Castiel (the first time), so to a certain extent, I've forgiven him for being a twat here lately. I'm still angry with him, mind you, but not quite a much as I was before. Still, he's got quite a ways to go before he's back in my good graces.


So, Uriel was the one responsible for killing the angels, and it was all because they refused to join his side? These were his brothers and sisters; they were the ones who stood by his side on blood-drenched battlefields, fighting off the fallen ones. They were his comrades; they trusted him, and he killed them for the simple fact that they wouldn't join him on his quest to bring about Lucifer's resurrection along with the apocalypse? My God. And to think that I've been defending this monster from the fans..


I still don't know what I think about Anna. Even if she did save Castiel's life, I still don't trust her completely. Still, at least one of my questions - that of her past relationship with Castiel - was answered. It's clear to see that she was, not only his superior, but his mentor as well. He looked up to her, and asked her for advice when he needed it. And you know what? I kind of like that dynamic between them. It shows that their past wasn't romantic, but a special one just the same. In other words, their relationship is more along lines of "siblings," not "lovers."


I've got a confession to make: Dean successfully broke me with tonight's episode. He was not only forced into bringing out his 'inner demon' - something of which he clearly wanted to leave behind in Hell - but he had the weight of the world dropped onto his shoulders. Do you have any idea what this is going to do to him, emotionally? The man was already fragile, and he just had the revelation of being the cause of the apocalypse thrown into his face. Not only that, he's the only who can stop it.

Damn, Kripke... You are one cruel SOB. Seriously, you could give Whedon a run for his money.


I can't even begin to describe just how much I loved him in this episode. From the moment he graced our screens, my heart never stopped racing. He was magnificent. ♥

Castiel has gotten to the point where he is this extremely conflicted character; he's beginning to feel emotions, and he's confused by them. He doesn't know what to do, nor where to turn. Then he discovers that one of his closest friends is killing off his brothers and sisters. Not only that, it also almost lead to the death of his human charge.

Dean & Castiel

This gets it own special mention in my review, because let's face it, the intensity between these two during this episode was off the rails. Not only did Dean open up to him in a way that I've only seen him do with Sam, but he did it twice. All this does is further prove my theory that Dean will eventually begin to rely on Castiel to pick him up instead of Sam.

Something else which made my ears perk up was Castiel's confession that he would be willing to give up "anything" in order to keep from forcing Dean to torture Alastair. Unfortunately, his hands were tied, and you could tell that it was eating away at him. His affection for Dean is becoming more and more apparent; he can no longer be trusted because his feelings for Dean are beginning to get in the way of the job he's been ordered to do.

In Conclusion: This episode was beyond amazing. It was epic.

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