Here comes part two. Prepare yourselves for you are about the enter the MISHA ZONE. ♥

Saturday -

We took our time Saturday morning because the planned events for that day weren't supposed to begin until around noon. So, we headed over to the Crown Plaza long about 11 AM, and my mother and I immediately headed into the main theater.

Some time later, Richard Speight, Jr. took the stage:

This man is hilarious. And a total HAM.

Richard was great. He talked quite a bit about Jericho - a show I have never been a fan of, sadly - along with his time on Supernatural. After a few minutes, I decided to head up, and ask him a question so that I may be able to prepare myself for Sunday.

So, I headed up to ask Richard a question, and the following conversation took place:

Me: Hello.
Richard: Hi! How are you?
Me: I've been better...
Crowd: Ooooooooooo
Richard: No, no. *motions to the crowd to be quiet* What's wrong?
Me: I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I'm excellent, thank you. *tries to hide the fact that she's sick*
Richard: Oh, ok. (seems relieved)
Me: It is without a doubt that 'Mystery Spot' is one of the greatest episodes of Supernatural ever-
Crowd: *cheers loudly*
Richard: *eats it up*
Me:, my question is what was your favorite Dean death? Because, y'know, everybody has one.
Richard: The food poisoning. I thought it was hilarious when I read it in the script because what made it so funny was the unseen. Dean says 'does this food taste funny to you', and then suddenly Sam wakes up.
Me: Yeah, exactly. *lol*
Richard: So, yeah, that scene was great.
Me: And the shower scene, of course.
Richard: Well, who DOESN'T like Dean in the shower?
Crowd: *cheers loud enough to make your ears ring*
Me: Haha, thank you!
Richard: You're welcome.

There was also a point where a fan asked Richard about wincest, which caused the crowd to boo rather loudly. Richard then made a remark about it saying that he doesn't support it, and he's in fact, a little repulsed by it. This, in turn, caused the crowd to cheer loudly and clap their hands.

After Richard, it was time for the positively ADORABLE Gabriel Tigerman:

I just wanted to shrink-wrap, and carry him home. ♥

There is no denying the fact that Gabriel is one of the sweetest guys in existence. He is also rather dorky. LOL. I swear, the first thing he did when got on stage was sit down in his chair, and pose for pictures. It was hilarious.

As for what was said during his Q&A, I don't remember much because long about that time my cold medicine started kicking in, and suddenly I felt rather woozy... Still, I got some great pictures.

After Gabriel, it was time for Traci Dinwiddie who is now officially one of my favorite people in the world:

A lovely, lovely woman. Why did Kripke kill her off? ARGH!

Traci was... *sigh* ...She was great. I loved every single thing about her. I especially enjoyed the part where she said that Jared's ass is "bulletproof." I swear, that made LOL so fucking hard. She then said that the contacts she was forced to wear literally made her blind, so she had to "feel her way" down there. Haha-ha! She also called Jared a "bean-fart factory".

There was also a point in her Q&A where she told us a rather embarrassing story about doing an intimate scene with her acting coach where she accidentally coughed and "pooted." She told both Jared and Jensen about it, and in between takes you could hear them silently snickering at her.

After it was all said and done with, I had fallen head over heels in love with this woman. XD

Then, it was time for the costume contest:

My favorite? T-Bear. Hands down.

Afterwards, my mother and I just decided to stay in our seats and wait for our autographs. That was when I started talking to the wonderful gentleman sitting beside me about Dragon*Con, amongst the other conventions we had each been to. After roughly an hour, our row was finally called.


Nothing much was exchanged between us. I just asked for him to make it out to 'Ashley'. He said sure, and gave me a wonderful smile. He then handed me my photo, and I headed over to Gabriel's table.


Yet again, nothing much was exchanged. I just asked for the usual, and he obliged while smiling. Still, I couldn't get over just how ADORABLE he was. GAH! ♥


I walked up to her table, and had the following conversation:

Me: Hi, Traci!
Traci: Hi, sweetie!
Me: I just wanted to say that I absolutely ADORE Pam, and that it's great to finally have a strong female character on the show.
Traci: Aw, that's sweet. Thank you so much. Just be sure to hold a torch for her... and we'll see what happens.

It was at this point that I noticed a somewhat sad tone in her voice, and I knew immediately that Pam was going to be killed off in episode 4x15. My heart sank... I graciously took my autograph from her when she handed it to me, and told her thank you.

And that concludes Saturday. Now, it's finally time for MISHA!DAY. ♥


Sunday -

My mother and I decided to get up extremely early on Sunday because we had a photo-op with Jim Beaver in the morning. So, long about 9:30 AM, we left the hotel and headed over to the Crown Plaza.

We walked through the doors, and we noticed that the brunch was going on, and that's when it hit me: Misha's in there. He's right in the NEXT ROOM. Oh. My. GOD. I then directed my father over to the registration table because he was getting tired of being forced to wait for us outside, even though he had absolutely NO idea who's these people were, save for Jim Beaver.

It was at this point that I ran into [ profile] breakinporcelan, and she told me just how beautiful Misha was in person. She then ran off towards the room the brunch was being held in, while I just stood there for a few seconds with this dreamy look on my face. I then headed off towards the main theater which was where my mom was supposed to meet me. It was there that my mother told me that Jim's photo-op had been delayed until 11:15...

I was slightly annoyed by this, but I ultimately just shrugged it off, and asked her what she wanted to do. She told me that she wanted to head up to where the room was, and just wait up there.

So, we headed upstairs towards the photo-op room, and there we see THE LINE for Jim's photo-op. It was at this point that I was rather winded because the cold I was suffering from had fixed it to where I could hardly breathe. Still, I pressed on, and made it to the back of the line. There, I met up with [ profile] breakinporcelan once again, along with [ profile] callie_828. They once again told me how beautiful Misha is in person, along with the fact that he actually does do the Castiel headtilt thing which made me feel like literally flailing. After a while, the line started moving and we slowly made our way to the photo-op room.

Once we finally made it inside, they were playing CCR on the radio, which in turn, caused my mother to smile in a way that I haven't seen in quite some time. Once it was her turn, she walked up to Jim, and asked for a hug. He said 'sure' in a tone which caused me to smile and roll my eyes, and he proceeded to hug my mom for all she was worth. In fact, he hugged her tight enough to where she could hardly breathe.

They make a cute couple, y/y? :D

Then, it was my turn. I walked up to Jim, and I said 'hi'. He says 'hey there', and then proceeds to point at my shirt and ask me 'who are those guys'. I reply with a snarky answer of 'I'm not sure', which causes Jim to chuckle and pull me in close for the photo.

Before you ask, yes... People have asked if he's my dad. LMAO! XD

Afterwards, my mother and I headed down to the main theater and took our seats, and proceeded to talk about how awesome Jim was. Then, finally, Jim took the stage!

Jim is a hoot. Seriously, people, he is a fucking riot. He also, apparently, LOVES Dr. Pepper which made feel like cheering because I totes LOVE Dr. Pepper too. You see? We are related! O_O

Also, he sees the series 'Deadwood' as the greatest form of acting that he has ever done, which made me want to see it even more. He also talked about 'Harper's Island'. SQUEE! ♥

Jim was on stage for a WHILE. In fact, my mother and I eventually had to leave because our Misha photo-op was supposed to take place in 15 minutes, and we wanted to go ahead and get in line, so unfortunately, I didn't get to stay for the entire duration of Jim's Q&A. Woe. D:

So, we headed upstairs once again, and as it turns out, there's only roughly ten people ahead of us in line for Misha, if that. We got in line, and waited. After a couple of minutes, I had another good ten people behind me. Then another ten... and another... and another. Once it was all said and done with, the line for Misha's photo-op filled the ENTIRE hallway up and down on both sides, and all the way down the steps.

Finally, after the group photo-op with Misha, Jim and Malik, we were allowed to go inside.

I immediately whipped out the CD [ profile] breakinporcelan had burned for me containing my fanmix Heaven's Not Enough, and I slowly headed into the room. Once inside, I saw Misha for the first time... and he was beautiful. And TALL. I then proceeded to hand my gift for Misha over to the woman, and she said that she'll give it to him after my picture. All the while I'm just staring at him, trying to remember to breathe while he takes his photos with the people ahead of me, including my mother.

Is it me, or does poor old Misha look petrified? o_O

Finally, it was my turn, and I was trembling all over. So, I walked over to him, and he greets me with a smile, says 'hi', and puts his arm around me. HOLY SHIT. The woman then calls over to him saying 'she brought you this', and shows him the CD. He gets all wide-eyed, looks down at me, and the following conversation takes place:

Misha: *quizzical look*
Me: I made a fanmix for you and your character, Castiel. (said nervously)
Misha: *smiles ear-to-ear* That is so cool. Thank you!
Me: You're welcome. I would also like to apologize over the fact that I'm trembling...
Misha: That's ok. (said in a soft, reassuring tone) *pulls me in very, very close*

Just LOOK at that smile. He looks so happy! ♥

I swear, the man's grip on my arm was tight enough where his knuckles had turned white; he had me pressed completely against his body (GAH!). Needless to say that I was unable to speak for a few minutes afterwards. You know, the whole 'Misha Effect'. Just ask [ profile] breakinporcelan, she'll tell ya.

I successfully wobbled down the stairs, and made my way into the little store they had in the hotel, because frankly, I needed a drink. Unfortunately, it was too early for me and alcohol, so I bought a Dr. Pepper instead. That was when I headed into the main theater.

Now, if I'm not mistaken, this was the point in time where the EPIC auction took place. What do I mean by "epic?" Well, let's just say that my friend, [ profile] callie_828, got into a bidding war with the woman sitting beside us over a Castiel banner which ultimately lead to [ profile] callie_828 winning it for... $550. Yeah, you heard me. I then proceeded to get into a bidding war with another woman over the Misha banner which lead to the other woman winning it for $500.

I felt completely and utterly defeated. That was when they brought up another banner featuring all of the guests from that weekend, including autographs tickets for Misha, Jim, Todd and Malik. So, I figured 'what the hell', and started bidding on it... and I actually won it for $120. I was floored.

Finally, another one of my favorite people in the world took the stage... TODD STASHWICK:

One of the biggest fanboys you will ever meet. ♥

Todd was a blast. I especially enjoyed hearing him do Dracula's famous 'pizza' line. I also LOVED the story he told about feeling like Cesar when he was asked which woman amongst the extras that he wanted for a particular scene in 'Surfer Dude'. LOL!

Then it was time for Charles Malik Whitfield:

A beautiful person, both inside and out. ♥

Malik started his Q&A off with an inspirational speech about 'no limitations'. Basically, he told everyone to not let the thoughts of "oh, I'm not pretty enough" or "I'm too skinny" stop us from doing something. Instead, we should just embrace who we are. It was at this point that I felt like just running up to the stage, and glomping him. Thankfully, though, I resisted. I didn't want to get thrown out by security right before Misha took the stage...

After a while, Malik looked behind the curtain and said:
"There's an angel back here. And he's stripping. There's also a pole."


It was also at this point that I noticed some girls heading up to the stage to get in line for Misha's Q&A, so I decided to do the same. That was when Malik departed, and it was you-know-who's turn to take the stage.


Misha thanking his pimp, Malik, for the introduction.

I like to call this one the 'sex' picture. Just look at him, and the way he's looking at my camera. ♥

The entire time I was standing in line to ask him a question, I was shaking all over. Not even my photo-op with him had helped to calm my nerves. Finally, after a poem and a question about 'Nip/Tuck', it was my turn. I walked up to the microphone, swallowed my fear, and said the following:

Me: Hi, Misha. My question is pertaining to Castiel. You know, there has been quite a bit of debate amongst the Supernatural fandom about whether or not Castiel will fall; some say he will, some say won't. Now, my question is do you believe he will choose to fall, and if so, why?

Misha's reply (Note: This video DOES NOT belong to me. It belongs to kaosgurl at

I replied with a simple 'thank you', and wobbled back to my seat - all the while people were giving me thumbs up as I walked past them. Finally, I made it back to my seat only to discover that my father had mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. He then pointed at Misha and said: "Hey, I talked to him while I was outside."

I was speechless. I then asked him to elaborate of the conversation:

Me: Oh, my god... You talked to him? When?
Dad: A few minutes ago. He was outside, walking around with his iPod.
Me: Well, what did you say to him?
Dad: Nothing much. I didn't know who he was, so I just made small talk, asking if he was here for the convention. He told me yeah, and that he had to go inside and talk to some people.
Me: *speechless*
Dad: So, who is he? Is he a character from the show?
Me: Dude, he's Castiel...
Dad: Who's Castiel?
Me: The angel responsible for saving Dean from Hell...
Dad: Oh. Who's Dean? He's the one you like, right?
Me: *facepalm*
Mom: *silently chuckling to herself*

After Misha's panel, it was time for autographs, and thankfully, I was able to go to the front of the line thanks to my bigass!banner. HELL YEAH!


I walked up, handed him my photo, along with my bigass!banner, and before I could say anything, he had already signed both, complete with my name. I just blinked, and said thank you. He replied with 'you're welcome', and gave me this wonderful, yet very sexy smile. This caused me to melt, needless to say. Finally, after a few seconds, I headed over to Todd's table.


Todd: Hello there!
Me: Hi! Can you make it out to 'Ashley'?
Todd: Sure thing! L-E-Y, right?
Me: Yep, that's right.
Todd: *signs photo and draws a pair of fangs*
Me: *hands over bigass!banner*
Todd: 'Ashley' on this, too?
Me: Yep. *smiles*
Todd: *laughs and signs banner with 'fangs for everything'*
Me: *lol* Thank you!
Todd: You're welcome. :D


Me: Hi, Misha!
Misha: Hi! *smiles widely, again*
Me: *hands over castiel photo* Can you make it out to 'Ashley'?
Misha: Ashley? *signs photo with 'your an angel'*
Me: *resists urge to squee*
Misha: There you go.
Me: Thank you! This big thing right here is mine too. *points to bigass!banner*
Misha: This is yours too?
Me: *unable to speak due to the 'misha effect'*
Me: ...*simply smiles and nods*
Misha: *smiles* Ok. *signs bigass!banner with 'the big banner for the big fan'*
Me: *squeaks*
Misha: There you go. *smiles yet again*
Me: Thank you! *smiles back*


Me: Hey there! :D
Jim: Hey yourself! :D
Me: *hands over bobby photo* Can you make this out to 'Ashley' for me?
Jim: Sure can! *signs photo with 'love & luck'*
Me: Can you also sign my banner for me?
Jim: Of course! *signs banner with 'all the best'*
Me: Thank you!
Jim: You're welcome!

And that, ladies and gentleman, concludes the epic Mishacon. I tell you, I had a BLAST despite the fact that I was sick. Still, I met Misha-fucking-Collins. OMG! It feels like a sweet, sweet dream. ♥

By the way, here are the goodies I brought home:

My new pride and joy. ♥

My photo which is almost completely signed. The only ones missing are Misha and Jim.

Because they belong together. TRUFAX. ♥

Hope everyone enjoyed my report! By the way, I am TOTES going to the con in NJ in 2010. Anyone else going?

From: [identity profile]

OMFG I laughed so much reading your convention reports!! :D :D I am so happy you got to meet MISHA!!! *squee* I loved this, thanks so much for posting hon!

From: [identity profile]


Um lol at your dad just randomly chatting to Misha, sounds like something my dad would do, KSALJSKJDA I WOULD BE LIKE YOU SHOULD HAVE KIDNAPPED HIM FOR ME DAD WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU xD

From: [identity profile]

Again, so jealous. Sounds amazing. And as for NJ con in 2010... I'm sort of... planning to go? Hopefully? :D!
ext_57680: (Default)

From: [identity profile]

Hahahah whoops, I feel like I should apologize for that morning at the breakfast where I was basically all like "HI OH MY FUCKING GOD MISHA IS GLORIOUS LOL GOTTA GO" and then ran off. But in my defense, I had just been VERY close to him and consequently couldn't think straight. Ah, such is the Misha Effect.

Any road, I'm glad you had such a great time at the con, BB. Your pictures all turned out really well, and I'm so glad you had such great experiences with everyone. ESPECIALLY with Misha himself. I can't get over how much he liked your CD! \o/

As for upcoming cons, I'm going to the one in Chicago, and so is [ profile] gembat. Who knows, maybe I'll make it to NJ too. It'd be so cool to hang out with you again. <3

From: [identity profile]

That was a great question and I loved Misha's answer.

Thanks for the recap. Oh, and I hope you're feeling better.

From: [identity profile]

OMFG I laughed SO hard. You're making me all excited about my first con, which I was totes nervous about.

From: [identity profile]

Well, who DOESN'T like Dean in the shower?

I'm so incredibly jealous, bb. I really wish I could have been there. YOUR PICTURES ARE AMAZING. :D:D:D:DDD

From: [identity profile]


From: [identity profile]


Thank you so much for posting this. You rock my socks off! ^_^

From: [identity profile]

Great report!! My comp is acting up and I can't play the vids yet but hope to soon. I think a lot of people left that Con under the Misha Effect. :)

I wasn't able to buy tickets at the event, but hope to when it goes onsale online!

From: [identity profile]

Lovely review, I had so much fun reading it!!
I actually thought your question was one of the best in the Misha pannel when I saw the videos on y!tube, well done!

And congrats about the banner :)

From: [identity profile]

Oh, wow - this is such a great recap of your experience! I love that you went with your parents and that your mom got pics with Misha and your dad didn't even know who he was. LOL!! Totally sounds like my family!!

Awesome questions - I've never had guts enough (or presence of mind enough) to think of things to ask at these types of events.

From: [identity profile]

I envy you so much!

Just see you with Mishaaaaaa!!!! and that about your dad with misha hahahahahahahah it make me laugh so much!!!! is like when someone who desire so much one thing does not have it, and that person who donĀ“t desire it, have it! hahahahaha.

Thank you so much for sharing this stuff!

From: [identity profile]

OMG, your father! With Misha! Lol, it must have been nice for Misha though, to be able to have a normal interaction with someone at the con. =D

From: [identity profile]

MISHA GAVE YOU A WIDE-EYED LOOK. Omg, that's so.. Castiel, in a way. I love love love this report, bb, especially the detailed conversations, such a lovely touch! And your DAD, lol, seeing Misha with his iPod and asking if he's here for the con. ♥♥♥

I am still jealous of his huge smile in your pic, but LOL AT YOUR MOTHER'S PICTURE. Oh god, that's fantastic, haahhahahhaamisha.

Jury's still out on next year's NJ con.. it all depends on whether or not Misha will be there. ;)

From: [identity profile]

Great report. I think all of us there felt the misha effect. look at my icon lol. i'm defintely going to go to nj con 2010. i didnt get my tickets at the con though. I'm waiting till its announced.

From: [identity profile]

I thoroughly enjoyed your report, and your dad's conversation with Misha was hilarious. I love that our non-fan families are so supportive of our craziness!

GREAT time, right?

Love, Robin

From: [identity profile]

lol Your dad is so cool
Thank you for sharing! and aw I am so jealous XD

From: [identity profile]

love the report! and it's such a shame you were sick! *huggles*

From: [identity profile]

OMGGGGGGGG MISHA SOUNDS SO FREAKING ADORABLE OMGOMGOMGOGOMGOGMOGMOGMGOMGOMGOM. I can't believe I'm seeing him in person in a MONTH. I am flailing so hard over here, seriously.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! *squeals*

From: [identity profile]


Thank you so much for sharing all this!

From: [identity profile]

Love your con reports. I read them right during 'the Misha effect week' lol. and I had to laugh so hard that your father was so pragmatic and nonchalant about meeting Misha. All the power to him!

We fans always have to work to meet our heroes and then it's the non-fans who get them presented on a silver plate. lol


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