Everyone on my flist seems to be talking about the latest SPACE promo for episode 4x16 of Supernatural, and I figured that I should add in my two cents worth.

(Caution: There be major spoilers.)

First and foremost let's talk about Dean, shall we?

So, it appears as if Dean is responsible for breaking the first seal. I must admit that that revelation came out of no where. Seriously, I DID NOT see that coming. I can only imagine what this realization is going to do Dean emotionally. He's already fragile, and something such as this could possibly send him over the edge. That's also not including the fact that the angels are forcing him to take part in something as atrocious as torture, thus forcing him to bring out his own inner demon.

Now, then... Castiel.

Due to a few pictures I've seen from this episode, I've come to the conclusion that this is going to be the episode where we begin to see some major character development for our angelic!boy, Cas. I believe that forcing Dean into torturing someone is going to cause Castiel to further question his orders from Heaven. His affection for Dean is genuine, and having to force him into taking part in something such as this is going to weigh heavy on his conscience, thus proving this supposed "heartless bastard" does indeed have a heart. I also believe that this may very well be the lead-in for Castiel's fall from grace.

As for Sam, I just don't know what I think about him anymore. I still love him, of course, but the whole thing of drinking Ruby's blood? What the hell is that all about? She's currently inhabiting a vessel, so isn't that human blood? Hmm. She did, however, cut her arm with the knife, so maybe that has something to do with it.

By the way, my wonderful and glorious people, I'm currently half-way done with my con-report. So, it should be posted by Monday. And, yes... I'm going to include some of my beautiful pictures of Misha. Not all, mind you, but a fair few.

Another thing, I hereby make a request:

I'm currently spoiled through episode 4x20. So, you're free to include any spoilers for those episodes in your comments. However, I implore you to NOT include any from episode 4x21 and 4x22. I want the final two episodes to be a complete surprise for me, so please, don't say anything about them in your comments. Thank you.

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I can't wait to see your con report!! :D And I will keep my mouth shut about the episodes. :X

And that promo...is hard core. Going to be INTENSE!!

From: [identity profile] kitsu84.livejournal.com

I just posted part one, and I'm currently working on the second. All I need to do now is basically put the finishing touches on the pictures of Misha, and type it up, so it should be posted shortly.

This episode may very well be the death of me. Especially if Castiel looses it after Alastair attacks Dean. OMFG, I am SO excited. Damn it, where the HELL is Thursday? I CAN'T TAKE THIS!
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That would be interesting. For Castiel and all. I can believe that. Ya know.

And I think Sam might possibly in deeper than he thought, or just like things have gotten out of control or something. And don't ya think Ruby looks like she has this smug look on her face?

And I'm indeed very worried about dean's mental health. Eeek.

I don't know many spoilers, or have forgotten some. Just saying. Heh. It's better that way. *Nods* lol. Yes, I be weird.

From: [identity profile] kitsu84.livejournal.com

I agree completely with the part about Sam. I think Sam lost himself quite some time ago, and Pamela knew it. That's the reason why she told him that his intentions were in fact NOT good.

As for Ruby, yes she clearly has a 'smug' look on her face, for the lack of a better term, which suggests that she has been planning this all along.
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From: [identity profile] dangerous-47.livejournal.com

Yup. Because I don't think he even realizes really that hey, maybe this isn't a good idea. I don't think he ever intended to like go evil or do evil. He really does think he's doing good. I don't think that was ever in question, but he just doesn't see that he's using something that will probably eventually lead him into darkness more and more. :(

Yup. She's quite manipulative, that one. Like maybe she figured that being all snarky and bitchy didn't work on Sam, now that he had lost his brother and thus she decided to go a different route. Ya know?

From: [identity profile] kitsu84.livejournal.com

Exactly. Everything he has done thus far has been for the sake of good, along with his brother. Unfortunately, he seems to be becoming a sort of addicted to these powers of his. In other words, he's becoming intoxicated with the superior feeling his powers are giving him, and they're ultimately causing him to loose that which defines him. If that makes any sense...

Personally, I think Ruby is in cahoots with Lilith, as is Alastair.
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From: [identity profile] dangerous-47.livejournal.com

Yeah, that makes sense.

That could be. But maybe she's just hoping to like be by his side when he eventually goes bad, and be in his good graces. And/ or maybe she decided to help him along on that way. ;)
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Looking forward to your con report, BB! I'd love to see some of your pics. Everyone could use more Misha, in my humble opinion.

Also, HOLY CRAP THAT PROMO. I like your theory about what this torturing will do to both Dean and Castiel, so I'm eager to see how it plays out. Also, IDK what's up with Sam either, but I'm holding out hope that my theories are wrong and everything is not what it appears to be.

From: [identity profile] kitsu84.livejournal.com

I just posted part one, but it only tells of the events which took place Friday. I'm still working on part two, but it shouldn't be that much longer before I post it.

It's pretty much the only thing which makes sense to me - especially after seeing pictures of a bloody Castiel. It's also fairly logical to conclude that bringing out this 'inner demon' is going to do something to Dean emotionally because the man is fragile enough as it is.

As for Sam, I'm like you: I honestly don't know what's going on with him anymore. I will say one thing though, I'm really enjoying this turn towards the darkside.

From: [identity profile] kitsu84.livejournal.com

Nor do I, bb. I still love him terribly, but he's really starting to test my patience.
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From: [identity profile] powerof3.livejournal.com



I'm currently sitting here all O_O after watching that. Is it Thursday yet? Jeebus Christams.

From: [identity profile] kitsu84.livejournal.com

Same here, bb. The first time I saw that promo, I just sat in my chair with my mouth gaped open for a few minutes.

Seriously, I need it to be Thursday, like, right now.

From: [identity profile] emotikka.livejournal.com


But hon, I completely agree with everything that you said. I'm so worried about Dean, Sam and Castiel and SAJDSJKL *FLAILS*

From: [identity profile] kitsu84.livejournal.com


I'm worried too. However, I am also excited to the point of barely being able to sit still. \o/


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