So, men are slaughtering the most important women in their lives without any provocation whatsoever. The boys decide to investigate, and as it turns out, the men are doing it to be with what they believe to be their "perfect" woman. But, as it turns out, this perfect woman is a siren; a creature of Greek myth who's able to make men fall madly in love with them, and ultimately force them to do their bidding.

Not a bad episode. It was definitely an improvement over last week, and when it was all said and done with, I felt satisfied - and extremely angry. We'll touch upon the reasons for that anger later. Instead, let's concentrate on my favorite parts:

Kiss the Cook -

Is weird that this was my second favorite part out of the entire episode?

I howled when I saw Bobby standing over the stove cooking in his adorable little apron, pretending to be an FBI agent while telling 'Rick' off over the telephone. I also loved the part when he hung up the phone, and you saw an entire wall of phones for every single situation.

I want my own Bobby... He's like a real-life swiss army knife. :D

They take the form of whatever you desire most. -

For every single guy, it had been the woman of their dreams (with the name of a disney princess). And yet, with Dean, it was a guy who was into all of the same things he was? LOL. Talk about subtext...

Damn, I love this show.

"Boo hoo."

I admit it: I have NEVER wanted to slap Sam as badly as I did then. All of the comments he made to Dean were extremely egotistical, and it left me with my jaw on the floor.

All Dean wanted was for Sam to be as open with him as he used to be. With Sam, however, it was an entirely different scenario. He claimed to be a better hunter, and - get this - he said that Dean was holding him back because he was too busy feeling sorry for himself thanks to all of the souls he had tortured in Hell?


Well, excuse your brother, Sam. He's got that annoying little thing I like to call a conscience. Clearly, you lost yours in those four months you spent trying to drink yourself into an early grave because of the fact that you couldn't live on without your brother. Oh, wait- I seem to remember you doing the same exact thing in season two when you realized you had a dark destiny ahead of you. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a fucking hypocrite.

Oh, and by the way Sam... Everything isn't alright.

Kitsu's Final Grade: B
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