Found an article on my flist pertaining to Dean, and it caused me to literally snort Mountain Dew through my nose. Still, from a psychological standpoint, I agree with some of it. Not all of it, mind you... Just a few points here and there.

"I'm growing a little worried about Dean. At first, his seemingly juvenile obsession with porn and sex was amusing, a harmless little hobby. But lately, it's taking on a disturbing new tone."

I'm currently living with someone like this, and they're in their late fifties. Now, considering the fact that Dean is now in his thirties, they've got a point; it is indeed a bit worrisome, but if you take into account that these boys are currently, y'know, hunting demons and the like, I honestly don't think Dean's little obsession with sex should be taken seriously. He's still able to concentrate on that which is most important when it's needed.

Also, did they ever stop to think that this new tone is caused by the time he spent in Hell?

"In last night's episode of Supernatural, Dean proudly boasted that three of the female cheerleaders at the high school they were investigating were legal. If he discovered this through some normal method, it might be OK, but since he was snooping in the principal's office for dead kids, it means he actively chose to seek out the ages of the cheerleaders. It was a funny line, but it's also kind of gross."

Alright, granted... That was a bit "gross." Even I was shocked and slightly grossed out when he said it. Still, at least he made sure they were legal. A sex addict wouldn't care about the age; all they care about is getting laid in whatever way they possibly can.

So, yeah... Me thinks they were being a little too analytical there.

"If that's not enough, the flashbacks also let us know that, even in high school, he was calling his female teachers “sugar” and hooking up with multiple girls in the janitor's closet. I think it's about time someone sat him down and had an intervention."

Harmones. That's all I've got to say about that.

"Dean Winchester is a sexaholic. He loves sex and porn, thinking about sex and porn, and talking about sex and porn. If you had to list Dean's three favorite things in the world, two of them would be breasts."

Dean's a little bit obsessed with it, yes. But he is - by no means - a sexaholic. Look up the term, people...

"My bigger question is whether this is the writers' little joke, or is it a reflection of what Jensen Ackles brings to the role? That may sound silly, but on another sci-fi series, The X-Files, Fox Mulder had a bit of a porn obsession. As we now know, David Duchovny went on to star in Californication and checked himself into rehab for sex addiction."

Now, this - THIS - is the part where I snorted my Mountain Dew. It requires quite a bit of nerve to write something such as this, and it left me feeling absolutely appalled. Jensen has never done anything to suggest that he's a "sexaholic," and for someone to have the audacity to say that he is should be enough to qualify them for being forced to take a class on the subject.

"Not only did he play a sex addict on TV, but he really was one. I'm not saying Jensen is necessarily like his character in this respect, but Dean's porn and sex obsession is becoming a bit over the top. At least we know he draws the line somewhere: at gay S&M sex."

How the hell would you know? Maybe Chief just wasn't "his type?" *rolls eyes*

"Next week, it looks like Dean's sex drive will go into overdrive when Supernatural brings on sexy siren strippers who convince men to do their bidding. Hopefully a bad sexual encounter with strippers will be just what the doctor ordered to calm down Dean's libido."


The stupidity of people truly knows no bounds...

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That last one is so fucking funny! The whole thing in general, just LOL.

And awwwwww Mulder reference. That also made me lol.
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I've posted that in my LJ as well but deleted it. The whole article over at BuddyTV is just plain stupid. Sorry but—what the fuck? I don't even have words for it, really. Dean is thirty years old and he enjoys sex, so what? That doesn't mean that he's a sex addict. And I wasn't grossed out when he mentioned the cheerleaders, Twelve years, that's nothing nowadays. I've heard about far worse age differences, really.

As for the part where John involved Jensen (and deleted it afterwards after he received some not so nice comments... douche bag. Sorry but it's the truth). It's one thing to talk about a character but it's a whole new level of douchebaggery to involve the actor who plays the FICTIONAL character.

Everyone's always making mountains out of molehills in this fandom (esp BuddyTV and some certain communities here at LJ) and slowely but surely I'm getting really tired of it *sighs*


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My bigger question is whether this is the writers' little joke, or is it a reflection of what Jensen Ackles brings to the role?
YES, BECAUSE CLEARLY IF YOU PLAY A SEX ADDICT ON TV, THAT MUST MEAN YOU ARE ONE. Not that Dean is a Sex Addict, because that's just ridiculousness. He's a guy who happens to like porn and sex, OMG CALL THE POLICE! THAT'S SO UNNATURAL. Jeez. Because having lived with two men last year, it's not like I know ANY blokes with a high libido.
That being said, I talk about sex quite a lot. Does that make me a sex addict? Clearly I need to go to rehab with David Duchovny to cure me of my sick sick disease.

Furthermore, whenever I engage in amateur dramatics at Uni, I ALWAYS get cast as a villain/murderer. This isn't Shakespeare though, this is a true reflection on what I bring to the character of Lady Macbeth. Because i'm actually a psychotic murderer in real life. I stab people, AND I LOVE IT.

At least we know he draws the line somewhere: at gay S&M sex.
If one was to draw a line anywhere, it'd not be at gay S&M sex. In fact, EVERYONE should engage in gay S&M sex!!

Whoever wrote that was just a bloody idiot. A bloody idiot! I can't even give credence to such ignorant ramblings.

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I talk about sex all the time too and think about all the time, but I'm not screwing everything that walks. I think this guy has some unhealthy and prudish ideas about sexuality, which explains the asshole tone in the article.

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He wants some gay s&m sex... TOTES IN DENIAL. Denial is a terrible terrible thing, but don't be taking it out on poor Jensen!

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I know, maybe he tried to hit on Jensen and got turned down at some point? He shouldn't take it seriously though, a lot guys can't compare to Jared so he never had a chance really. And I say this as someone who doesn't even ship J2,lol.

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LMAO god that IS stupid!
imo the sex obsessed is not Dean but the person who wrote that xD you at least have to be, to notice things like those which are actually barely there...

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After I was done ranting about that stupid article I laughed my ass off. I happen to love porn and think about sex all the time, I see nothing unnatural about it and doesn't stop me from doing my job or taking my responsibilities seriously. And Dean has had sex twice this year; one with a women he connected with and another as a comfort thing before we die. That hardly makes him a sex addict, lol. And I don't know how this guy can claim he knows Dean has a problem, when the specifics of sex addiction itself is still controversial and not widely undertsood or accepted by the scientific community. Someone got me to look up the fact that the American Psychiatric Association doesn't even recognize it as a disorder or addiction yet, because there is so much we don't understand about the underlying factors of it.
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I am in a really giggly mood today and I TOTES LOL'D AT EVERYTHING XD


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I My inner psychiatrist is weeping.

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Hahahahahaha that article had me laughing SO hard. XD

My bigger question is whether this is the writers' little joke, or is it a reflection of what Jensen Ackles brings to the role? That may sound silly, but on another sci-fi series, Firefly, Jayne had a bit of an obsession with sex.
In my understanding Adam Baldwin s a totally normal, married-with-kids guy. I really don't think the one exception of David Duchovny means anything (although that bit did make me laugh incredibly hard.)

Wow. What a douche. It's one thing for this to be a character analysis (and yeah, in the author's mind these are all valid points. Some of them are even valid in my own) but to turn it into an attack on the actor? Gtfo. D:

(I bet the author is really Criss Angel under a pseudonym)

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LOL People can be so stupid sometimes. They should seriously question themselves first before writing an article stupid like this one.
And they didn't even care if thursday's episode was great or not *roll eyes*

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I'm just loling at this entirely. I mean, really people, I like metaing about the show but, um, discussing Dean's sexlife and calling him a sex addict is slightly overdoing it. I agree, they're definitely overanalyzing here that it's just ridiculous.

I am not arguing some of their points. Dean likes sex, he's a womanizer, that's who he is. Of course taking into account the fact that they HUNT DEMONS and MONSTERS day in and day out, not knowing whether the next day will come or will be their last, and that Dean got out of forty years in Hell...I'd say the sexing is the least they should be concerned about, amirite? Also, he's a guy. Testosterone, hormones and such. Normal stuff. *shrugs*
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