Personal thoughts pertaining to this episode under the cut...

This episode blended quite a few of my favorite subjects together - those subjects of course being: magicians, tragedy, heartache, angst, darkness and friendship. There was also a little bit of slash thrown in for good measure. In a word, this episode was fantastic. Well, except for the "douchebag" part. I swear to God... If I hear that word one more damn time, I'm going to slap a bitch.

My favorites:

"Oh, you haven't been had until you've been had by the Chief."

This had me in tears I was laughing so hard. Then, Dean went back to talk with Charlie and Vernon - the two men responsible for sending him to the wrong address - and Charlie asked Dean rather sarcastically if whether or not Chief was his type. Needless to say that the reply in my head was "Of course not, you fool... He likes angels in trenchcoats with striking blue eyes, and hair that's worthy of worship. What the fuck are you talking about? Seriously..."

The exchange between the brothers concerning whether or not they'll survive.

I'm with Dean on this one. Stories such as these never have a happy ending, or as Dean put it: "It always ends bloody or sad."

That entire conversation hit something deep inside me - something which successfully reminded me why I love this series so damn much. It's both dark and tragic, with an underlying theme of hope.

Personally, I don't think these boys are going to make it through all of this. Then again, the Kripkeeper may very well pull a fast one on me.

"He offered me a gift, and I threw it back in his face. How is that right?"

This scene was brilliant because it made the brothers think about the concept of "the right thing." Was Jay killing his best friend really the right thing to do, even if it did save the lives of the Winchesters? How could the betrayal of someone whom you held dear be considered the right course of action?

All of those thoughts flooded my head after that scene took place. And the part where Sam got in the car with Ruby left me thinking: "Maybe this is the right course of action as well..." Because Sam wants his brother to survive, to have a normal life. Which is something Sam wants as well. And considering everything these boys have sacrificed for the sake of the greater good, I don't think that's too much to ask for.

Kripke & Company... I tip my hat to you guys. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and I now considered it to be one of my personal favorites from the current season.

Kitsu's Final Grade: A
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